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The Best Window Perches For Cats | Rated And Reviewed

Cats are notoriously curious, regardless of their breed, age, gender, or overall personality. All of them have inborn instincts for hunting and exploring the world around them. As such, by keeping a pet kitty strictly indoors you’re limiting its options of interacting with the whole world outside your house. Unfortunately, allowing a cat to roam outdoor […]

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The Best Cat Toys For Obese Kitties

Obesity isn’t a mass problem affecting only human beings. It affects cats too. And just as it is with us humans, obesity can lead to numerous life-threatening health risks for feline creatures. It’s a popular misconception that only senior cats tend to become overweight due to having slower metabolisms and being more inactive than their […]

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Coolest New Products For Your Cat

So, you’re looking to spend some bucks on your precious feline furball and you’re wondering what the coolest new products for cats are? Well, wonder no more! We’re here to save the day! With tons of new cat items coming out on the market almost every single day, you stand a good chance of getting cheated by […]

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