Melatonin For Cats: Can You Give It, And How Much?

melatonin for cats

Melatonin is an over-the-counter all-natural supplement that you can buy at your local drug store without any special prescriptions. Pet parents sometimes use it for their dogs and felines. So it must be safe, right? Well, the answer actually depends on many factors, including the purpose behind the usage and the dosage. After all, a … Read more

Best Decongestants For Cats | Natural, Nasal, & Over The Counter

A common problem for both indoor and outdoor cats is nasal congestion. You’ll know if your cat is congested if it has the following common symptoms: Breathlessness Sneezing Coughing Crusty formations on the nostrils Watering eyes Signs of discomfort Due to the fact that congested sinuses block normal airflow, your feline furball will be in … Read more