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How Long Can You Safely Leave Your Cat Alone?

Let me start off by saying that there is no ultimate answer to this question. It all depends on the cat’s age, health, temper, emotional dependence on the owner and some everyday situations that could lead to injuries. Generally, it’s safe to leave your cat alone for up to 24 hours. In some cases you […]

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Do Raccoons Attack And Eat Cats?

We all know that one of the best ways to ensure our cats’ safety is to keep them strictly indoors. The outdoor world poses dangers like predators, infected animals, airborne diseases, traffic and so forth. But did you know that your home is also a potentially dangerous zone for your pet? Suburban areas and secluded […]

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How To Find A Lost Cat | What To Do If Your Kitty Runs Away From Home

Losing your beloved feline furball is among every pet parent’s worst nightmares. Cats are notoriously unpredictable and curious. And when they get adventurous they may want to flee the safety of your home’s confinement. Unfortunately, we can’t tend to our fluffy friends 24/7. Purchasing a GPS tracking collar doesn’t automatically guarantee your pet will be […]

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Best Cat Nail Caps Reviewed | Rating Soft Paws Claw Covers for Kitties

Most cat owners have to deal at least occasionally with their cat’s obsessive scratching tendencies. Unfortunately, though cats can be trained, fully eradicating their scratching habits isn’t a possibility. Scratching comes naturally to all feline furballs. Why are they doing it? It’s how they exercise their muscles, stretch their bodies, groom their claws, and scent-mark […]

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The Best Outdoor Pens And Nets For Cats | Ratings & Reviews

For kitties, the outdoor world is filled with risks and dangers hiding behind every corner. Fleas, mosquitos, heartworm, speeding cars, stray animals, poisonous plants – the list is quite long. Unfortunately, keeping your pet strictly indoors doesn’t automatically guarantee that it won’t suffer any health risks. And keeping it from being outside in the fresh air […]

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