Best Cat Nail Caps Reviewed | Rating Soft Paws Claw Covers for Kitties

Most cat owners have to deal at least occasionally with their cat’s obsessive scratching tendencies. Unfortunately, though cats can be trained, fully eradicating their scratching habits isn’t a possibility. Scratching posts can help, but sometimes they are not enough. Your cat may decide your furniture makes a better target for her scratching needs. Scratching comes … Read more

How To Treat A Cat Bite: Treatment, Symptoms, Wound, And More

how to treat cat bites

Cats are among nature’s best hunters. Even the laziest, most laid-back, and amicable kitty on the planet can turn into a vicious predator, fiercely defending its territory and personal space. Unlike us, human beings, cats don’t use their teeth to grind their food. Instead, they use their pearly whites for shredding meat, for grooming purposes, … Read more

Do Raccoons Attack And Eat Cats?

We all know that one of the best ways to ensure our cats’ safety is to keep them strictly indoors. The outdoor world poses dangers like predators, infected animals, airborne diseases, traffic and so forth. But did you know that your home is also a potentially dangerous zone for your pet? Suburban areas and secluded … Read more