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Can Cats And Kittens Have Down Syndrome?

As pet parents we tend to give our beloved felines various human-like qualities. Usually this means perceiving them as capable of being loving and showing other human-like characteristics in terms of behavior such as “smiling.” Sometimes felines can’t quite live up to the expectations of their breed’s appearances and character traits and that makes their owners wonder […]

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Feline Hiccups: Can And Do Cats Get Hiccups?

Felines are mysterious creatures, which we sometimes don’t understand. But sometimes, cats act just like human beings. They can get territorial, lethargic, curious, and can also possess human-like qualities such as loyalty, playfulness, jealousy, affection, and so forth. Cats can also suffer from a variety of health disorders and they often show their pet parents […]

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How Many Teeth Does An Adult House Cat Have?

Similar to human beings, cats have two sets of teeth: baby teeth and adult teeth. A feline’s pearly whites are quite different from human teeth since cats are carnivores. As such, one of the primary differences is that their permanent adult teeth aren’t as flat as ours. Cats can’t survive on salads, vegetables, and other […]

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