Can Fleas Kill a Cat? The Dangers of Fleas to Felines

cat peaking head out from pile of blankets

Fleas are a nuisance, and an inevitability of cat parenting. But left untreated, fleas can be more than a minor irritation. A severe flea infestation can kill a cat or kitten. But don’t worry, if you just see a few little beasts on your cat’s back, you’re going to be okay. Just treat them with … Read more

Cats And Coronavirus – What You Need To Know

COVID-19, a coronavirus, has created a worldwide pandemic in 2020, causing concern, questions, and fear. It’s only natural that, as you get the feather wand out to enjoy some quality time with your cat, your mind might start to wonder… “Can my cat contract coronavirus?”  “Can my cat give ME coronavirus?”  “Should I be worried?” … Read more

Pain Relief For Cats: What Can You Give A Cat For Pain At Home?

safe pain relief for cats

Because cats speak differently from humans, it can be extremely frustrating when your kitty is in pain but can’t tell you where or why. Felines can communicate through hissing, meowing, chirping, and various other sounds, but these sounds don’t always mean that there’s something wrong. But in cases of excessive meowing, loss of appetite, lethargy, … Read more

What Do Cats See? Do They See In Black And White Or In Color?

what do cats see

If you’re one of those feline furball owners who believe that cats are superior beings, then you’re absolutely right, at least when it comes to a cat’s senses. Felines are complex (not complicated) creatures that have been blessed with admirably heightened senses. In fact, they are some of nature’s best hunters! What Do Cats See? People … Read more