The Best Dental Care Products And Treats For Your Cat’s Health

best dental products cats

Similar to human beings, cats can suffer from numerous dental problems. Cats clean themselves daily using their barbed tongues, incisor teeth, saliva, and front paws. However, that’s not enough. One of the many things they can’t do when it comes to maintaining their overall cleanliness is care for their pearly whites. Many pet parents don’t know … Read more

The Best Cat DNA Test Kit: Reviews & Ratings

best cat dna test reviews

Performing a DNA test is now more affordable and accessible than ever, so millions of people have been jumping at the opportunity to learn more about their ancestry and health. But did you know that you can learn about the genetic background of your feline companion as well? The idea of testing your cat’s DNA … Read more

The Best Cat Dewormer for Your Adult Cat or Kitten (Ratings & Reviews)

deworming cats and kittens

Ugh…. worms! These nasty beasties look disgusting, and what is even worse; they have a huge negative effect on the health of your cat! Luckily there is an arsenal of deworming medicines you can use to protect your cat’s health. While there are many products available, and lots of information everywhere, the choice can be … Read more

The Best Cat Cones and Recovery Collars For Cats and Kittens

best cat cones and recovery collars

All cats should have collars and ID tags regardless of whether they’re indoor or outdoor kitties. However, what happens after an accident or surgery? A normal collar isn’t going to do anything. Recovery collars, also known as cones, are an ideal way to cope with your feline pet’s post-injury treatment. You can also get one … Read more

How Much Does A Cat X-Ray Cost?

how much does cat x ray cost

Let’s talk about cats and X-rays. What are they? Why do cats need them? How can X-ray check-ups help your feline furball when it comes to health-related complications? What types of X-rays does your cat need? And most importantly – how much does a cat X-ray cost? For starters, cat X-rays are just like your … Read more

How Many Teeth Does An Adult House Cat Have?

how many teeth do cats get

Similar to human beings, cats have two sets of teeth: baby teeth and adult teeth. A feline’s pearly whites are quite different from human teeth since cats are carnivores. As such, one of the primary differences is that their permanent adult teeth aren’t as flat as ours. Cats can’t survive on salads, vegetables, and other … Read more