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The Best List Of Awesome Books For Cat Lovers

At the risk of diving into the popular stereotype of the old cat lady who spends her time at home with her pet felines while reading, knitting, and talking only about cats, today we’ll be focusing solely on reading materials for … well, cats. Kitties aren’t new to literature. In fact, some of the world’s […]

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The Best Cats Of Instagram

You love cats. Your phone is full of them; your computer is full of them; your browsing history is full of them. And we’re pretty sure you’re the proud owner of a feline furball, which happens to leave messy hairballs lying all over the place. And now you’re searching for something cute, funny, and cat-related […]

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Top 20 Cat Shelters In The US

If you are a supporter of the #AdoptDontShop cause, then you’ve landed in the right place. According to the ASPCA, nearly 3.4 million felines end up in animal shelters each year. The most common reason is cat allergies. Both young and adult kitties of all breeds and ages end up homeless, and their only hope is […]

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The Best Halloween Costumes For Cats Reviewed

Halloween is just around the corner and you still haven’t figured out what you’re going to dress up as for this year’s celebration. Or maybe you’ve already figured it out, but you’re wondering if you should dress up your pet as well. If you’re one of those cat owners who loves getting cute clothing items for […]

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Coolest New Products For Your Cat

So, you’re looking to spend some bucks on your precious feline furball and you’re wondering what the coolest new products for cats are? Well, wonder no more! We’re here to save the day! With tons of new cat items coming out on the market almost every single day, you stand a good chance of getting cheated by […]

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