Can Cats Eat Tuna And Salmon? Are They Good Or Bad?

can cats eat tuna salmon

Are tuna and salmon good or bad for your kitty? Tuna and salmon are the best cat treats that come to mind when it comes to cat food, right? Wrong! In fact, tuna and salmon can be quite harmful to your kitty, especially if cats are nibbling on these types of fish as part of their … Read more

Can Cats Eat Potatoes? Are They Good Or Bad For Them?

can cats eat potatoes

Potatoes in any cooked form are a great nutritional source of various vitamins, proteins, and fiber for humans. But is it safe to give potatoes to your cat? Are they good or bad? Felines are natural carnivores. As such, their main nourishment comes from meat and meat by-products. Some high quality dry or wet cat … Read more