Can Cats Eat Honey Or Is It Bad For Them?

All-natural honey is an excellent addition to hot and cold beverages, as well as to numerous culinary recipes. It’s tasty, organic and most of all – surprisingly healthy. With its numerous wondrous applications for allergies, sore throat problems and the overall cardiovascular system health it’s one of mother nature’s most delicious and beneficial sweets. But … Read more

Can Cats Eat Butter Or Is It Bad For Them?

Butter isn’t a typical cat food, but what if you want to share a nibble of your buttered toast with kitty? Or what if she’s got up on the counter and has licked some out of the butter tray? Can cats eat butter? Or is she going to be sick? Whether you give it intentionally … Read more

Can Cats Eat Spinach Or Is It Bad For Them?

When people think of healthy foods that promote weight management they often think of leafy greens. And one of the most popular leafy greens all over the world is spinach. In fact, it’s so popular, that you can even see it in the recipes of numerous high quality cat food manufacturers. But cats are carnivores. … Read more

Can Cats Eat Ginger Or Gingerbread? Is It Good And Safe, Or Bad?

can cats eat gingerbread

Let’s admit it, we all love spoiling our precious feline furballs. And with the Christmas holidays being just around the corner domestic felines from all over the globe will benefit from tons of delicious holiday treats. But will they really benefit from the table scraps? It’s easy to forget about cat food when your fluffy … Read more

Can Cats Eat Yogurt? Is It Safe And Good Or Bad For Them?

can cats eat yogurt

Most cats out there are quite finicky when it comes to the things they eat. Then there are also those types of cats who will gulp down anything in sight in no time. As you know, felines don’t really know that they shouldn’t lick antifreeze, steal from your pizza’s meat topping, or plead to get … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Cat Food? Is It Safe Or Is It Bad For Them?

can dogs eat cat food

What will happen if a dog eats cat food? Is cat food bad or safe for dogs to eat? Well, there are two answers. Helpful, I know, right? Yes and no. Here’s the short answer – cat food is not bad for dogs on a one-time basis. However, it can be really bad for them … Read more

Can Cats Eat Dog Food Or Is It Bad For Them?

can cats eat dog food

What will happen if a cat eats dog food? Is dog food safe for cats to eat? Can dog food replace cat food? Before we start with the details, here’s a quick fact – most cats won’t even be tempted to taste dog food, let alone munch on it on a regular basis. Dog food … Read more