Can Humans Eat Cat Food? Is It Safe Or Bad?

can humans eat cat food

Have you ever felt the urge to taste your cat’s food? Wondering if you should stock up for a zombie apocalypse scenario? High quality cat food definitely smells and looks tasty, possibly not just to your cat. So, what will happen if you try it? Basically, you’ll realize that cat food is delicious, especially if it’s not filled with … Read more

Can Cats Eat Peanut Butter? Is It Good And Safe Or Bad For Them?

can cats eat peanut butter

We all love spoiling our precious feline furballs, especially when it comes to treating them with attention, play sessions, snuggling, and the worst – scraps from the table. Feeding your fluffy pal leftovers isn’t the brightest idea, but truth be told, we all do it. Cat food may be tasty, especially oily and rich in … Read more

Can Cats Eat Pineapple Or Is It Bad For Them?

Chances are you already know that many tropical (along with citrus) fruits are toxic to cats. It’s true – what’s healthy and beneficial for us isn’t always good for our fluffy pals. However, cats don’t know what’s good for them. And when they see their pet parents munching on a delicious and fruity treat, they’ll … Read more

How Many Times A Day Should A Cat Eat?

So, you’re a new cat owner or you’re about to get your very first feline furball and you have tons of questions. Which type of cat food should I go for? Should I choose wet or dry cat food? How much should I be feeding my cat? How many meals a day should my cat … Read more

Can Cats Eat Watermelons Or Is It Bad For Them?

Watermelons are among the best seasonal fruits right now and they’re widespread all over the globe. So it comes only natural for your kitty to wonder if that juicy thing you’re snacking on is indeed as tasty as it looks. Some fruits are quite toxic to cats and other animals. They can trigger poisonous reactions … Read more

Can Cats Eat Pumpkin Or Is It Bad For Them?

Many pet parents say that cats shouldn’t be fed with anything but cat food. However, if you take a closer look at the labels of some high-quality foods, you’ll see that along with meat they also contain herbivorous foods. One such food is pumpkin. It’s an ingredient in a plethora of cat food recipes, especially … Read more

Can Cats Eat Turkey? + Cat Foods With Turkey Meat

As carnivores, cats and kittens of all breeds must thrive mainly on meat. Even though felines have been domesticated since time immemorial, they still have the wild inborn need to vary their food sources from time to time. Besides, everyone (including your pet) will get tired from eating the same thing every single day. These … Read more

Can Cats Eat Raw Chicken Or Is It Bad For Them?

When it comes to the controversy surrounding feline nutrition, one of the most controversial topics is whether raw chicken should be given to cats as food. Nutritionists, veterinarians and cat owners all over the globe can’t seem to reach a consensus. People are either fully on board with the idea of feeding your cat with … Read more