Best Vegetables For Cats: Can They Eat Them? Benefits And Side Effects

best vegetables for cats

Unlike us humans, cats aren’t omnivores. They get their primary nutrition from a carnivorous diet containing fish, chicken, turkey, and other meats. Felines have special dietary requirements, which are met in the protein, vitamins, and other nutritional ingredients found in real meat. This is why high-quality cat food manufacturers praise their products for containing high … Read more

The Best Cat Food For Persians, Rated and Reviewed for 2023

best cat food for persians

If you are a Persian Cat owner, you are a lucky pet parent indeed. This long haired beauty has been delighting people around the world for hundreds of years with their exotic looks and pristine personality. This breed of cat is perfect for apartment living, which has helped it stay as the number one cat … Read more

Reviewing & Ratings The Best Cat Food Brands for American Shorthairs

best american short hair cat food

Is there any cat breed more beloved than the American Shorthair? With its easygoing disposition and striking good looks, the Shorthair is one of the most popular cats in the modern U.S. Officially, however, it’s a newcomer to the world of cat shows: its provenance dates back only to the early 20th century! Such a … Read more

Finding The Best Cat Food For Your Oriental Kitten, Adult, and Senior

best oriental cat food

The Oriental Shorthair cat is one of the most intelligent, diverse, and curious cats out there. The Oriental kitty originates partially from the popular Siamese cat, and it comes in two versions depending on the length of its fur – the Oriental Shorthair and the Oriental Longhair, which is also known as the British Angora. … Read more