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Top 6 Cat Breeds That Don’t Shed (That Much)

Let’s be honest. Finding cat hair all over your house or apartment is something nobody wants to deal with. It gets on your clothes, furniture pieces, and even in your soup. Messy, disgusting, and unsightly doesn’t even begin to describe it. Unfortunately, living with a feline furball as a pet means dealing with hairballs. Controlling […]

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Birman Facts: Nutrition, Breed Characteristics, Temperament, Price, Health Information And More

The Birman breed is not only gorgeous in terms of physical appearance, it also possesses the ideal temperament for apartment living. These lovely blue-eyed creatures are naturally social and have extraordinary intelligence and amicability. They easily befriend people, children, and even other pets. Moreover, their laid-back temper and the lack of a constant need for grooming have made […]

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