The Best Cat Toys: If It’s Interactive, Chewable, Or Full Of Catnip, We’re Reviewing It! Plus, BONUS Homemade Cat Toy Ideas

Most cats enjoy playing with their owner and playing is a great way to interrelate and create a deeper connection.

Cats are athletic creatures by nature. They have amazing strength and liveliness.

They love to stalk and attack their prey, even if it is not a living creature.

Toys and regular exercise are a part of giving your cat the stimulating environment it needs. This makes for a happy and healthy cat. Playing and exercise can help your cat relieve stress, give an outlet for their energy and provide mental and physical stimulation.

Play for a kitten is essential for its growth and development. As a cat ages, its mobility and energy may lessen but games and play are still enjoyable.

Strictly indoor cats need plenty of stimulation and play to prevent boredom. You need to address your cat’s mental health and physical health as your cat’s owner/parent.

Looking for cat toy ideas? We can help you!

There are many choices for cat toys and choosing one shouldn’t be hard. You may not have to purchase a toy, so check out the bonus homemade cat toy section below.

In fact, many cats love to make up their own toys from random things around the house. We loved this example from FloppyCats.com where this Ragdoll turns a left over piece of carpet into its favorite play thing!

If you do want to find a toy for your companion, we have researched cats toys in various categories, including interactive, chew toys, catnip toys and overall best toys, and have reviews below to help you with your decision.


Our Reviews, Broken Down By Type


These toys allow you to play with your cat. Something fun for the both of you!

2 Feathers and 1 Soft Teaser/Exerciser Combo

Cats love this toy! It is a classic for a reason. The feathers resemble a bird and you can play with your cat or kitten for hours with this reasonably priced toy (retails for $8.95). The bell is detachable so if you don’t like the noise you don’t have to listen to it! Cats will hear the bell and come running.

This toy comes with three different ends. The wand is 33 inches so is extra long to give your cat more room to run and jump. This wand is also soft and durable with a foam handle, making it easier to grasp.



Catit Design Senses Play Circuit

This peak-a-boo track allows cats to see, chase and hit the ball just like their natural hunting instinct. This toy incorporates your cat’s sight, hearing and touch senses.

You can also use multiple layout possibilities and can purchase additional tracks to add on to the layout.

This toy does not use batteries! The ends have an elevation, which pushes the ball through the track.



Chew Toy

Petstages Dental Health Chew Toys

Just like dogs, cats also like to chew. These toys promote dental health and remove tartar. The Dental Health Cat Chew Toy is filled with catnip stalks for better chewing and cleaning. Cats can crunch, chew and clean their mouths while playing.

When using chew toys, it’s important to make sure there are no little pieces that can be swallowed. This toy is made with quality materials and contains no little parts.




Catnip contains a chemical that attracts cats. When it’s dried and crushed, it gives off an odor that has a powerful effect on some (though not all) cats. Catnip is actually a member of the mint family.

Most cats react to catnip by rolling, flipping, rubbing and maybe spacing out. They may meow or make other growling-type noises. Other cats become hyperactive and run around like crazy. Some cats do get aggressive on catnip and will protect their toys if you come near them.

Each catnip play session typically lasts about 10 minutes. It may take as long as two hours for your cat to become receptive to catnip again.

Don’t worry! Catnip is safe, and your cat won’t get addicted to it. Here are some toys containing catnip for your favorite feline.

KONG Refillable Catnip Cat Toy

Made from natural North American catnip, this toy can be refilled for endless enjoyment with its special catnip compartment. You can choose from various animals for the soft plush including beaver, hedgehog, feather mouse, turtle, bunny or rat.

Gently twist the filled toy to release the catnip herbal oils. You can also freeze extra catnip to keep it fresh and have extra available should you run out. Watch your feline kick, swat, rub and flip their new catnip toy!



KONG Naturals Crinkle Cat Toy

The materials and dyes of this KONG Crinkle Cat Toy are made from natural resources. This toy is designed to entice your feline’s natural hunting instinct.

The crinkle sound will generate curiosity and the natural feathers are also enticing. The catnip in this toy is North American and potent to intrigue your cat’s senses even more.



Best Overall Toys

We found these toys have more than one of these elements and provide entertainment for your feline for hours. Most of these toys have been around for awhile, and there is a reason they have stood the test of time. Cats love them!

Pioneer Pet SmartCat The Ultimate Scratching Post

This is the top cat scratching post you can buy. It is insanely popular, and has insanely high marks on quality, longevity, and cat fondness (most important!).

While it’s not got some of the bells and whistles like balls and things for your kitty to bat around, the quality and fact that your cat will actually spend time scratching this thing (instead of your walls, doors, furniture, leg, etc.), means that it is a must have for all cat-filled homes.

Plus, it’s not interactive, so if your cat needs to blow off a bit of steam when you’re out of the house, she can just run over to this thing and pretend it’s her worst enemy for a few minutes.


Gaucho Kitty Interactive Cat Wand And Feather Wand

Provide great exercise for your feline with the interactive wand’s realistic feathers and stretch cord. This cord is hard for a cat to hold onto, making playtime more fun.

Your cat will jump and play like crazy! Cats can’t resist the flight and reptile-like motion of this toy. It brings out your cat’s natural hunting instinct.

Materials are non-toxic and environmentally-safe for your pet.



Trixie Bazar Grande Cat Tree

The Trixie Bazar Grande Cat Tree provides endless opportunities for your feline to play, scratch or just relax. Cats enjoy hiding and relaxing in the cozy, lined kitty condo portion of this toy. There is also a top hammock for relaxation, which contains a metal rim for added support.

Cats can also sharpen their claws on the scratching post instead of your furniture! Cats have a natural instinct to scratch and the post is covered in durable sisal, giving them the perfect place to scratch away.

Does your cat want to play? No problem. The dangling pom-pom toy is easy to swat and is easily accessible! This all-in-one cat toy is neutral so it will fit in with your home décor.



Homemade Toy Ideas

Need some ideas to entertain your cat? You don’t always need to spend money to entertain your pet. Some cats just enjoy the simplicity of household items. Here are some ideas:

  • Put a ping pong ball or walnut inside an empty tissue box. You can also put one in a dry bath tub.
  • Cut out doors or fasten a few cardboard boxes together. Some cats just enjoy getting in and out of a cardboard box.
  • Make a catnip-filled toy with a sock. Use one of your unmatched socks and fill with dried catnip. Stitch up the opening.
  • Roll aluminum foil tightly into a ball and let your cat bat it around.
  • Fill an empty toilet paper tube with uncooked rice. Secure the ends with duct tape.
  • Create a paper bag tunnel. Cut out the bottoms of a number of paper bags and line them up. Use masking or duct tape to secure.
  • Empty plastic bottles and remove labels. Fill the inside with bells, uncooked rice or buttons. Cats will love the noise.
  • Use other small household items. Cats like the plastic ring from milk containers, shower curtain rings and even strips of paper. Make sure you don’t give a cat something that would be easy to swallow like a rubber band, paper clips or gift ribbon – this can cause serious medical conditions!

Final Thoughts

Cats vary in their motivation to play. All cats can benefit from playing no matter how old. Understanding your pet and its likes and dislikes will enable you to create the best play time. You may want to supervise your cat if it likes to chew toys. You want to make sure your cat doesn’t swallow any parts such as feathers or ribbons.

Rotate your cats toys so it does not become bored. Make only a few available at a time and provide a variety. If your cat does have a favorite, you can certainly leave that out to play with at all times.

You can ensure your pet’s health and well-being and have fun yourself while doing it! Your pet will enjoy interacting with you.

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  • Updated December 13, 2017
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Hadley Taylor - January 23, 2016

Great Blog ! Really,I like your blog so much and thanks to share this wonderful information about cat toys. it was very informative and helpful, Thanks !!

Kwinten Alexander - September 15, 2016

Hi Emily, thank you for this article. It’s always nice to find new ideas for playing with my cat. The cool thing is that it’s both good for me and her. I get to relax and take my mind of work while she is happy playing.

One toy that I was missing in your round up is the humble laser pointer. It works so well for my cat! Even though it’s more of a lazy owners cat toy, since I am just sitting around. If you have never tried it, definitely give it a go.

Have a nice day,


Lynn - May 21, 2017

I think feather toy definitely ranks the first, the first toy for my cat is a feather wand, she becomes wild and runs around chasing it, leaping up in the air and grabbing the feathers when playing this. It’s a must have for all cat owners. There are plenty fishing rod toy on Amazon, i got one because it’s detachable so i can change the teaser. It’s very cheap, but the happiness we got is far more than that, just make sure it’s a fishing rod toy and it can stimulate the hunting instinct.


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