Cat Genie Automatic Self-Cleaning, Self-Washing Litter Box Review

One of the worst downsides to owning a cat is the fact that you constantly have to clean up after it.

Taking care of cat hair, accidental pee puddles, poop stains, and other nasty messes is an indispensable part of every pet parent’s routine. And one of the most tedious, stinky, and disgusting cat-related chores is cleaning up the litter box.

Unfortunately, when your kitty has to go, it just simply has to go. Unless your pet is potty trained with Litter Kwitter or something similar, your furball will keep leaving “presents” for you to clean up. Or will it?

In this day and age, many cat supply manufacturers have introduced a series of life-changing products on the market – automatic self-cleaning litter boxes. If you want to know more about these inventions, check out our article on the top 5 best options here.

Today, however, we’ll focus solely on one particular automatic litter box (that we did indeed include in our top 5) – the Cat Genie.

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What Is The Cat Genie Automatic Litter Box?

cat genie

Cat Genie is a fully automated self-cleaning litter box, which operates slightly differently than other similar machines. Instead of just using a rail to scoop the waste and sift the used litter out of the clean, this machine actually washes the litter. Yes, Cat Genie literally washes and flushes the contents of the tray!

As you can see from the picture, Cat Genie resembles a real toilet. What’s more, it also works like one.

It’s a self-cleaning, self-washing litter box.

So, how does it work?

First, it scoops the used litter to sift it and get rid of the waste. Then, it flushes the waste down the drain and starts cleaning itself with water and a special cleaning solution. Finally, after the litter has been cleaned, the machine blowdries it in preparation for the next time kitty uses it.

You need to hook up the Cat Genie to a water supply pipe and a drainpipe in the toilet or the laundry room. The washable granules are biodegradable and safe for your pipes. The machine is designed to function similarly to a toilet for humans. Instead of collecting clumps and waiting for you to manually empty the waste tray like other self-cleaning litter boxes, this one actually does all the work for you.

Finally, it also offers an automatic program, which runs up to four times a day, as well as a manual program, which you can start on your own whenever you need to.

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Features And Benefits Of Using The Cat Genie

  • 21’’ high unit with a 19’’ wide litter tray
  • Comes with a detachable and recyclable cartridge with SaniSolution, plus
    • 1 SaniSolution
    • 1 package of washable litter
    • 8-foot long water supply hose
    • 10-foot long drainpipe hose
  • Manual and automatic programs for versatility
  • Child-lock feature
  • Motion detector which checks if the cat is currently inside the litter tray
  • Never have to clean out a litter box again!
  • Excellent odor control

Instead of using clumping litter, crystals, pellets, or other granules, Cat Genie works with special washable, dust-free, and biodegradable litter. For extra hygiene, it also uses its own SaniSolution to clean the remaining litter after the flushing cycle has finished.

You can also get the following additional features from the manufacturer:

  • Refills for the washable litter granules
  • Refills for the SaniSolution cartridge
  • Hood for the litter tray
  • Sidewall enclosure to prevent litter spills

The machine needs to be hooked to an electrical outlet, a cold water supply pipe, and a drainpipe. Its long cable cord and hoses make it versatile for installing in a bathroom or laundry room. This is important as the unit itself is quite large and can’t fit into small spaces.


While having a self-cleaning, self-flushing, fully automated cat litter box sounds like a dream come true for every kitty owner, the Cat Genie has a few disadvantages, which you shouldn’t take lightly.

Tight Drainage Hose

Even though the manufacturer praises Cat Genie for being suitable for multiple cats, that’s not quite the case. The waste hose, which goes into the drainpipe, is tight. This means it’s not suitable for big cat breeds like the Maine Coon or others that produce a large stack of poop.

In other words, it can get clogged. In which case, you’ll end up having to manually clean your pet’s waste – again. And that basically ruins the entire concept of having to buy an automatic self-cleaning litter box.

Long Cleaning Cycle

While it is fully automatic, Cat Genie isn’t exactly user-friendly all the time. Its cleaning cycle takes around half an hour. So, if your pet needs to do its business again shortly after the last time, it won’t be able to. And that means pee and poop on the carpet, on the floor, or in the potted plants. This also contradicts the idea of having a self-cleaning litter box.

The Litter Granules Remain Warm

One of the worst disadvantages of Cat Genie is the fact that the machine blow-dries the washable litter. Thus, the granules remain warm.

We all know cats of all breeds adore cozying up in warm spots. So, don’t rule out the possibility that your own fluffy friend will spend its afternoons rolling around inside the litter tray or napping there while you’re looking in the other direction. Needless to say, it’s disgusting and unhygienic.

Needs Space

Apart from the fact that you need to hook it to a water supply pipe and a drainpipe, Cat Genie also requires a spacious corner. The machine itself is quite bulky, so you won’t be able to easily fit it in small bathrooms or laundry rooms. Moreover, you’ll need to consider some extra space for a litter mat and for your kitty’s easy access.

So, Should You Buy A Cat Genie?

cat genie

If you’re sick of throwing away dirty litter, AND your cat doesn’t leave big piles of waste, AND you have a spacious home, then Cat Genie is a good investment.

However, do keep in mind that it works with a special SaniSolution and washable litter – both of which need to be refilled occasionally. And you’ll also need to figure out where to place it so that you can safely and freely hook it to an electric outlet, a water supply system, and a drainage system.

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