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At Catological, we believe the best place to buy cat food and other kitty products online is

In our experience and the experience of many, Chewy goes WAY above and beyond what you’d expect any company to do.

They’ve got almost every product you can think of at reasonable prices, with free shipping on orders over $49, and 40% off your first auto-ship order. They were started by pet lovers, and their customer service is second to none.

But here’s what really moves the needle. Here’s what would make you depend on them even if they weren’t the cheapest or most well-stocked.

They treat you better than many of your friends do. (And no offense to your friends, Chewy just goes way, way above and beyond.)

Just take a second to read some of these stories from their customers.

After placing my first order, I received a handwritten postcard in the mail, welcoming my dogs Oscar and Sadie to the Chewy family. When I had a question about my auto-ship orders, a real-life person answered my call. There was no automated phone system to deal with, just one of Chewy’s nearly 4,000 employees at its Florida offices.

Sheree Flanagan lost her dog right before Christmas, and just one month later, her cat passed away. Here’s what people had to say about how went above and beyond to support Sheree:

Flanagan was sure no one outside her family could understand her anguish. A live chat with Ashley, a rep from the pet company headquartered in Dania Beach, Florida, changed that belief. Flanagan didn’t intend to pour out her heart during her chat with the company’s representative. She only wanted to ask about the possibility of returning unused food she had purchased for Thor. But Ashley prompted her to share her grief.

“Ashley was amazing,” said Flanagan. “She told me she had a cat put down and she really understood. I kept saying that I didn’t mean to bother her and she kept saying ‘No, this is important. Tell me more.’ ”

Not only did the Flanagans get a full refund for the purchase — no documentation required – but on Feb. 8 a florist’s van pulled up to the Flanagan home delivering a large bouquet and a note expressing condolences over the deaths.

“Your team has either got it in their bloodline to be exceptionally kind and understanding, their leadership has done exceptionally well in guiding them or a combo of both,” Sgt. Flanagan wrote to Chewy soon after the delivery. “My wife has been taking their loss especially hard, and when we received the flowers we decided it was enough for us both to decide to stop shopping around and give Chewy all our future business.”

Chewy goes above and beyond, and I’m so happy to recommend them as the best place to buy everything for your kitty.

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