The Best Black Friday / Cyber Monday Cat Deals For 2018

We’ve collected the BEST Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for cats and their cat-parents.

These are exclusive savings you won’t find any other time of year, so if you’re in the market for some new cat gadgets, just want to stock up on the regulars, or need to find a cat-friendly gift, we’ve got you covered.

There are a few other sales out there, but we are only showing you deals of things that we recommend as being THE BEST.

You can find these all recommended regularly in our articles. We’re not trying to jam anything down your throat that we don’t believe in 100%.

This is allll the good stuff, and allll the good prices.

1. Petcube Bites & Petcube Play

$70 – $100 Off

Petcube is our top pick for pet cameras and treat dispensers.

Petcube gives you a way to see and interact with your cat during the day when you’re at work or traveling.

The Play has an amazing camera so you can see your kitty in action, and also lets you play by engaging the built-in laser pointer.

>> Save $70 On Your Petcube Play Today <<

The Bite has the same amazing camera capabilities, but this one lets you give your kitty treats throughout the day, right from your smartphone.

>> Save $100 On Your Petcube Bites Today <<

Offer valid from November 23 – December 1


Up to 50% Off storewide

Chewy is our go-to online store when it comes to buying everyday items for your cat.

Their selection is amazing, the prices are fantastic, and the customer service is legendary. (Seriously, I’ve been hearing about their hand-written notes to customers for years!)

They’ve got an entire section dedicated to the holiday deals, which you can browse through and get the best deals of the year for all of your regular buys.

>> Save Up To 50% On Cat Items At <<

We also went through and checked to see if any of our top picks are on sale, and luckily we were able to find a few!

These are all directly from our massive “Best Cat Food” page, where we outline the best foods for your cat from our database of over 2000+ foods.

These have been researched and analyzed to death, and we’re confident they’re among the best, most biologically appropriate foods for your kitty.

>> Save $7.70 on a 24 can case of Nutro Chunky Loaf (Top 5 Best Wet Cat Foods) <<

>> Save $12.69 on a 6.6 lb bag of Dr. Elsey’s cleanprotein (Top 5 Best Dry Cat Foods) <<

>> Save on a 10 lb bag of Only Natural Pet Feline PowerFood (Top 5 Best Dry Cat Foods) <<

>> Save $11.28 on a 24 can case of Evanger’s Organics (Top 2 Best Organic Cat Foods) <<

Offers valid through Cyber Monday

3. Paint Your Life Custom Pet Portraits

$70 – $150 Off

Paint Your Life is an AMAZING gift idea for any cat lover on your list (or even an early present for yourself!).

Their artists paint beautiful, realistic paintings of your pet, and send you the final result in the mail.

You can choose a variety of sizes, styles, and artists, to make sure it’s exactly what you want.

What better way to show your love for your kitty than to get a beautiful custom painting that will last a lifetime?

Plus, this is your last chance to guarantee delivery by Christmas!

>> Get $70 Off Each Painting + Free Shipping <<

Coupon Code: CYBER70

>> Get $100 Off Every Painting Over $350 + Free Shipping <<

Coupon Code: BF100CM

>> Get $150 Off Every Painting Over $500 + Free Shipping <<

Coupon Code: BF150CM

Simply enter the coupon code in the sidebar where it says “Have A Coupon?” to lock in your savings!

Offers valid November 19 – December 2

4. PrettyLitter

$10 – $20 Off OR Up To 20% Off

PrettyLitter is our #1 ranked cat litter.

It’s incredibly unique, and can actually alert you to health problems with your cat…before you even see any symptoms.

Not only is it an incredibly high quality absorbing litter (it doesn’t clump…the crystals absorb the urine for up to one month per bag!), but it’s health monitoring, color changing capabilities can detect a wide range of health issues, specifically a number of kidney and urinary tract illnesses and diseases.

BLACK FRIDAY (Nov 23 – Nov 25)

>> Get Up To $20 or 20% Off PrettyLitter For Black Friday <<

  • 1 month subscription – 20% off + bonus toy – CODE: 20BLACK
  • 3 month subscription – $10 credit + bonus cat toy – CODE: BLACK10C
  • 6 month subscription – $15 credit + bonus cat toy – CODE: BLACK15C
  • 12 month subscription – $20 credit + bonus cat toy – CODE: BLACK20C

CYBER MONDAY (Nov 26 – Nov 30)

>> Get Up To $20 or 20% Off PrettyLitter For Cyber Monday <<

  • 1 month subscription – 20% off + bonus toy – CODE: 20CYBER
  • 3 month subscription – $10 credit + bonus cat toy – CODE: CYBER10
  • 6 month subscription – $15 credit + bonus cat toy – CODE: CYBER15
  • 12 month subscription – $20 credit + bonus cat toy – CODE: CYBER20T

Offers valid from November 23 – 25 and November 26 – 30

5. Litter Robot Automatic Litter Box

$70 Off

This is by far our favorite automatic litter box.

If you’re still scooping poop, you’re missing out on the joys technology can offer you!

The Litter Robot is an amazing product that does all the hard work of scooping and cleaning for you, yet is totally safe for your cat to use.

It’s sturdy (most others are flimsy and don’t do a great job of eliminating soiled litter), and will get the job done so you never have to scoop another cat poop in your life!

>> Get $70 Off The “Grey Bundle”: Grey Litter Robot 3 Connect + Accessory Kit + Warranty <<

>> Get $70 Off The “Bisque Bundle”: Bisque Litter Robot 3 Connect + Accessory Kit + Warranty <<

>> Get $70 Off The “Essentials Bundle”: Accessory Kit + Warranty <<

Offers valid until November 30

6. NomNomNow Fresh, Delivered Cat Food

30% Off

Our #1 top rated cat food across the board.

Feeding your cat NomNomNow is one of the best gifts you can give to her.

And to yourself, because it’ll mean a happier, healthier, and likely longer-living cat…meaning she’ll be able to spend more years by your side, giving her love.

NomNomNow is pretty unique.

They make all of their food in their own FDA-compliant kitchen. Using human-grade ingredients. Formulated by a veterinary nutritionist to meet your cats exact nutritional needs.

Then, they deliver it straight to your door.

All you have to do is open a package, pour it into your cat’s bowl, and sit back as your kitty devours it gratefully.

All the benefits of a homemade or “wild” diet, with NONE of the hassle.

>> Get 30% Off Your First Order Of NomNomNow Fresh, Delivered Cat Food << 

(Click here to read our full NomNomNow review)

Offers valid until November 30

7. Personalize My Pup Custom Cat Prints, Shirts, Socks, And More

Free Shipping

After all of these amazing deals, your cat is going to think she’s royalty!

But what about you?

Fear not…Personalize Your Pup is here to bring you some amazing gifts!

Don’t get scared away by the name…they also personalize your cat. (Purr-sonalize? Is that going too far?) 🙂

You provide them with a picture of your kitty, and they can print it in a really cool style on pretty much anything.

A canvas to hang on your wall.

A pair of socks (!!).

A fleece blanket.

A t-shirt.

A mug.

A phone case.

And more.

Everything is so so cute!

>> Get Free Shipping On All Orders To The Continental United States <<

8. Endura Flap

10% or $30 off

Endura Flap has some of the best cat doors you can find.

They’re weather-tight, so you don’t have to worry about the typically flimsy pet doors you find from most manufacturers.

You can choose from a couple of different styles, but the best part is that they make something to fit ANY set up.

You can install them in walls, doors, windows, and even sliding glass doors!

If you let your cat roam outside sometimes, give yourself the gift of convenience by not having to let her out every time she paws at the door. Rest assured knowing she can come and go as she pleases…without a cold draft coming in to make your house cold and increase your heating bills.

>> Get 10% Off Your Endura Flap Today <<

Coupon Code: PUP

>> Get $30 Off Endura Flap Orders Over $200 Today <<

Coupon Code: ENDURA-FLAP

Offers valid until November 30

9. KitNipBox Subscription

25% off first month

The gift that keeps on giving!

The KitnipBox is a monthly subscription service that sends you an amazing “goody bag” every month.

They contain amazing toys, treats, and other healthy cat products every month to surprise and delight your kitty.

Oh, and since it’s a box, you always get an additional toy for free. 🙂 (my cat seems to like the box just as much as the other stuff that comes inside the box, haha)

For a single-cat household it’s only $19.99/month, which is awesome for an always-fresh supply of toys and treats.

But for Black Friday, they’re offering 25% off your first order!

>> Get 25% Off Your First KitNipBox <<

Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY25

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