The Best Window Perches For Cats | Rated And Reviewed

Cats are notoriously curious, regardless of breed, age, gender, or overall personality.

They all have inborn instincts for hunting and exploring the world around them.

As such, by keeping a pet kitty strictly indoors, you’re limiting its options of interacting with the whole world outside your house.

Unfortunately, allowing a cat to roam outdoors means exposing it to various diseases and life-threatening risks.

Regardless of how many toys you buy and how much time you’re spending with your precious furball, they still need something new to explore that will keep them well-entertained and occupied.

That’s why you can often find your pet trying to look out the window even if nothing interesting is out there.

For example, some breeds, like the Siamese and Abyssinian, adore climbing on perches and high surfaces.

Others find it challenging to locate a high spot that is more comfortable than your window’s built-in sill. These window sills are often too low or narrow and aren’t that comfy.

But in this day and age, pet supply manufacturers have managed to develop a great way to cope with the limitations of small windowsills.

The solution is mounting a cat window perch.

There are a variety of window perches for cats available on the market these days.

Rather than make you look through dozens of them and figure out which ones are worth it, we’ve done the hard work for you and give you our top choices below.

Our review process is unbiased and based on extensive research. If you buy through the links on our site, we may earn a commission.

Reviews Of The Best Cat Window Perches


#1. Oster Perch

  • Mounts to window with industrial strength suction cups – No tools necessary
  • Space-saving
  • Removable washable cover
  • Durable

Oster offers a wide variety of feline supplies – from de-shedding tools to shampoos. Their window perch is currently a best-seller, and that’s for good reasons.

It can support up to 50lbs of weight! This makes it suitable for furballs of all breeds and even for multi-cat households.

What’s more, it’s super affordable even for pet parents on extremely tight budgets.

Durable, easy to install, and washing machine-friendly, this window perch doesn’t require drilling or special tools.

It has suction cups that are strong enough to support heavy kitties and to withstand their jumps.

Moreover, it doesn’t take up much space, and its minimalist design won’t make you cringe whenever you glance at the window.

Its cover is designed to withstand scratching while offering a comfortable lookout spot for your pet. With a durable frame, easy installation, and straightforward design, Oster’s window perch can neatly match any home’s décor.

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#2. K&H 2-level Perch

  • Strong – supports up to 100lbs
  • Two levels for play and lounging
  • Suitable for adding bed, toys, or other play things on either level

K&H offers a plethora of cat beds, scratchers, and other cat furniture items. The two-level window perch is just another one of their awesome products.

Unlike the previous cat perch, this one supports up to 100lbs of weight!

With a sturdy steel frame, excellent suction cups, removable covers, and a foldable option, this perch is efficient, user-friendly, and reliable.

It’s also suitable for multi-cat households, as well as for adventurous kitties that adore looking out the window from various surfaces.

Thanks to the durable frames, you can easily put a cat bed, blanket, or some toys on the two levels without worrying that the perch will fall.

Furthermore, the perch won’t pose any problems when you need to close the blinds or curtains, due to its foldable option.

The two levels provide comfort, safety, and entertainment for your cat when it needs to sleep, play, or just monitor the outdoor world.

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#3. Kitty Cot Perch

  • Tough but comfortable hammock fabric
  • Strong support cables and structure
  • Machine washable

The Kitty Cot perch is a bit pricier compared to other window perches for cats, but it’s made of exceptional quality.

Stainless steel support cables, patented suction cups (each of which support up to 15 pounds of weight), sturdy PVC pipe fittings, and a washing machine-friendly hammock are what differentiate this perch from other similar products.

Its minimalistic, clear design won’t block your view from the window, and the installation takes less than a minute.

You don’t need any tools or additional support for Kitty Cot.

Moreover, you can fit even large kitties on top of it as it measures 26 by 14 inches in size.

On top of that, it’s super easy to remove the perch from one window and install it on another one.

Last but not least, the product is not only recommended by tons of feline owners, but it’s also officially approved by the Humane Society!

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Best Wall Mounted Perch


#1. K&H Thermo Perch

  • Orthopedic sleeping surface
  • Hook and loop install for rental living, more secure install for permanent living
  • 6 watt heater to keep your cat cozy – warms to your cat’s body temperature

Unlike the afore-mentioned window perches, this one has to be mounted against a wall.

Depending on the amount of weight it needs to support, you can either mount the padded part with Velcro or with special screws that are included in the package.

The best advantage this product offers is removable thermo-regulated padding. Regardless of the temperature in your home, the pad can provide a warm bed for your kitty 24/7.

The perch measures 14 by 24 inches and supports up to 40 pounds of weight. It’s suitable for Sphynxes and other furballs that constantly seek heat.

The pad can be removed if necessary. Not only is it soft, comfortable, and safe, but it’s also energy efficient.

With a 5.5’-foot long power cord, the pad uses only six watts of energy.

You can easily clean it by removing the pad and then washing the top padding either manually or in the washing machine.

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Why Do You Need A Window Perch?

Well, you don’t need one, but your cat does.

Even if your windowsills are wide enough, your precious feline furball will benefit from additional surfaces that give it mental stimulation and a clear view of the outdoor world.

Getting one of these for your cat provides it with entertainment and physical exercise.

It also keeps it well-occupied when you’re leaving it home alone.

Moreover, it gives the cat yet another sleeping spot for its daily naps.

It allows your pet to soak as much as it wants in the sunlight, thus providing it with essential amounts of vitamin D. Plus, it looks cute.

If your fluffy pal is residing strictly indoors, purchasing a window perch will reduce the limitations of your home’s confinement.

It’s a great way to bring the outdoor world inside!

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