The Best Pet Portraits Of Your Cat From The Best Pet Artists: Turning Photos Of Your Kitty Into Paintings, Perfect For Memorial Gifts (Paint Your Life Review)

One of the best ways to honor and commemorate your cat is to get a beautiful portrait done of him or her.

The thing is, finding a local artist and making sure it’s right is tough, especially when you never know just what an artist will charge you. Some undervalue you their work, and you may feel bad only paying a little, but I’ve found that most charge exorbitant rates, and sometimes take a little bit too much “artistic license”, and turn out something you don’t actually like.

It’s tough to find the perfect way to turn a picture of your pet into a beautiful painting, which is why I wanted to focus on my favorite way to do that today.

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Why You Might Want A Pet Painting Created

You might just love your furry family member so much that a beautiful painting in your living room or office is a perfect addition to your life.

I mean, looking through the millions of pictures of Kitty on your phone is one thing, but it’s so much more elegant and beautiful to be able to look at a picture perfect portrait that an artist has lovingly painted of her.

Or, you may be mourning the loss of a pet

I know first hand how devastating a beloved pet’s loss can be. It doesn’t matter if you lose a cat or a dog, because in reality, it all hurts the same.

Life with a cat or a dog is not always easy, but the truly cruel part comes when you have to say goodbye to them for good and when you’re left to pick up the pieces of your heartbroken self.

I’m sure you too have lost a fluffy friend, so I don’t want to focus too much on the grim details. On the contrary, I want to focus on something a bit more positive – a touching way to commemorate your deceased pal.

I’ve already shared some good options when it comes to the most meaningful ways to commemorate your cat or dog here.

Some people opt for burial and cremation urns created specifically for pets. Others get memorials in the form of tombstones, tattoos, jewelry pieces, pictures, and so forth. But I really think a beautiful, personalized portrait is an amazing way to honor your pet’s memory.

You can find countless websites that offer to transform a photo into a painted-like image. Some of these services don’t even cost you anything, but they just add painting-like effects to the jpeg. What I’m talking about is a fully personalized, entirely handmade painting, which uses a photo as reference.

Out of the numerous companies offering this particular type of services, I was genuinely impressed by one in particular. They specialize in painting pet portraits, which are thoughtful memorial gifts, and they’re called Paint Your Life.

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What is Paint Your Life, And Who Are Their Artists?

It’s a small company, started in 2006, with the idea of crafting customized handmade oil paintings based on their clients’ photographs. Nowadays they’re offering personalized pet portraits for clients in the US and Europe.

Although they aren’t exactly mainstream, they do have an impressive amount of customers and their services are a good choice for people who want to commemorate a beloved pet.

If you’ve lost a pet or you know someone who has lost theirs (or if you just want an awesome painting done for your current pet), getting a personalized pet portrait is a touching way to honor the soul that has passed away.

Having gone through the sorrows of losing a feline furball, I know I would have definitely appreciated such a memorial gift from someone back in the days. While it’s typically the gesture that counts (even if it’s just a friendly shoulder to cry on), these types of memorial gifts are truly soothing.

What does the company do?

Paint Your Life offers some of the best pet portraits I’ve ever seen and their artists specialize in a number of painting styles, including:

  • Oil
  • Acrylic
  • Black Pencil
  • Color Pencil
  • Charcoal
  • Pastel
  • Watercolor

They make paintings based on photographs. In my personal opinion the most touching ones are the paintings featuring the pet and the owner, but the artists also work with animal portraits by themselves. I know there are already tons of paint-my-photo services out there. But these guys specialize in pet portraits, which are meant for memorial purposes. And their area of expertise is what differentiates them from other similar companies.

Their artists are also specialists, so they have the knowledge and experience to catch minute details and they know the little nuances of creating amazing portraits that other artists might miss.

How does the process work?

I’m really pleased by this company’s process, because it’s simple and offers what other companies’ services don’t – unlimited revisions, a variety of painting styles, free shipping, custom frames and communication from start to finish. In other words, they don’t put unnecessary strain on you. I love paying for experts to do what they’re good at, and that’s certainly what you get here.

Firstly, they let you send in your photograph and choose between styles and sizes (including fully custom sizes). Then you get the typical notification when your order is received. And here’s where the great part comes in – they keep in touch with you throughout the entire process.

What I really, really love about their services is that they won’t charge you for something you don’t like. Meaning, they’re literally willing to do an unlimited number of revisions until you approve the painting.

They also offer a free of charge new painting if the first one gets lost by the couriers. And they make free of charge alterations to the finished painting if the client finds something they don’t like after the painting has arrived.

What I’m trying to say is that Paint Your Life not only offers expertise, but their services are convenient and advantageous in comparison to other similar companies’ services.

How Much Does A Pet Portrait Typically Cost?

The loss of a kitty or a canine pal already costs you enough emotional damage. And when you add vet bills and burial/cremation procedures to the mix, the monetary expenses aren’t small.

But nobody is going to offer you a handmade pet painting for 50 bucks.

As great as that would sound, it’s just not possible. Yes, you can get some website to use basic software to transform a photo into a painting-like picture. But that’s far from a real handpainted portrait of a beloved canine or feline friend.

Paint Your Life’s Prices

I didn’t mention this above, but I should point it out now. Paint Your Life’s paintings are actually affordable for the niche’s prices on a global scale.

Their cheapest portraits use oil and acrylic paint and start from $199 USD. If you do a quick search on realistic handmade portraits based on a photograph, you’ll see that these numbers are actually affordable compared to the alternatives.

The smallest paintings are 8 x 10 inches (pretty much the size of a standard piece of paper), but they go up to 72 x 48 inches, which is 6 feet by 4 feet!

Even the huge paintings are only $599, though. I personally don’t have a space big enough for that, but it seems like a pretty good price for such an enormous piece of art.

You can also choose a fully custom size of the painting. And you can also choose portrait or landscape orientation for each style. All of this means the paintings are suitable for large wall centerpieces, as well as for small spaces. That’s another reason why I’d recommend these guys.

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Another convenient advantage of Paint Your Life is that they offer a variety of frames, which come in different décors and colors.

The frames are surprisingly affordable! Their price is basically similar to the price of the frames you’d find in specialized shops, photo studios and general merchandise hypermarkets. How much do they cost? The cheapest ones start from $24 and the largest, most expensive ones are $74.

Having in mind the company offers framing services means there’s one less thing to worry about when getting a memorial pet portrait. As I mentioned, these guys do make everything more convenient and easier.


Paint Your Life offers occasional specials where they offer free shipping for most countries. (They also have a list of remote countries for which the shipping is $49 USD.)

And remember, they do offer to make modifications. They send new artworks free of charge if something is damaged on the painting or the frame.

Payment options

Paint Your Life offers the following payment options for customers in Europe and the US – PayPal, Visa, American Express and Master Card.

Right now they’re offering new clients to pay only 10% of the price in advance. They require the rest only after you’ve approved the painting.

That’s something you won’t get with other companies, which is yet another one of Paint Your Life’s advantages. It really is the perfect memorial gift ideal, or “just because” treat for yourself or a loved one, and these guys really do offer what no one else does. Moreover, they have noteworthy short turnaround times of 12 to 29 days.

Gift certificates

If a friend of yours has lost their canine or feline companion, it’s not exactly tactful to ask them to send you their favorite photo of their deceased pet.

Fortunately, Paint Your Life works with gift certificates. You can order digital, as well as hard copy certificates, which you can give to your friend/ relative. This way they can choose the type of pet portrait on their own terms.

What Others Are Saying

Don’t just take my word for it. Here are a few testimonials left by the company’s clients who’ve ordered memorial pet portraits for themselves and their families.

“The artist did a fantastic job painting my beautiful Gracie! Gracie was my 6 year-old cat. She died of cancer a month ago. I was heartbroken because pets in my life are family. It was way too soon to lose her and she was a special cat. I rescued her as a kitten when on vacation in Puerto Rico and brought her back to the States. I miss her terribly and am so grateful to have such a beautiful portrait to remember her by. Paint Your Life exceeded my expectations. I would definitely purchase another painting from here again and I`ve recommended them to friends and family” – Sharon

“We lost our dog, Gunnar, suddenly just 2 weeks before Christmas. Looking at other pet portraits on the website we selected the artist (which is a wonderful feature) and paid a little extra for “rush” service (which is also a nice option). Our Paint Your Life artist not only captured our pet with amazing detail but also delivered on the rush service with the painting arriving on Christmas Eve. We are beyond satisfied with the entire experience from start to finish and recommend to others and order again! We cannot thank you enough!” – Dana

“I recently lost my baby girl Ziggy, needless to say, I have been grieving and missing her every day since her passing. I received my painting and placed in my bedroom which is where we spent most of the time together for the last 10 years. The painting is stunning, ever since I hung it on the wall I feel she is with me all the time. Thank you for bringing my baby home.” – Alba

best cat portrait paint your life

“ did a FANTASTIC job on the oil painting of Oliver Taco. It’s a beautiful work of art and very intricate detail that is now hanging in our living room. We recommend checking out their website and artwork because it would make a great Christmas gift!” – Brianna

As you can see, these guys have some quite happy customers. If you need more testimonials from people who have used their services, head over to their website.

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Why Should You Get A Pet Portrait Of Your Cat?

Well, like I said before, it’s not just for you. This could be a touching and truly thoughtful idea for a gift that will provide some comfort and consolation to a friend, colleague or family member who has a deceased pet.

It’s something that will help people always remember their pets. They’ll reminisce about the good times each time they look at the painting. In my personal experience something as bittersweet as this type of gift can really be life-changing. Many people perceive their pets as part of their family and losing them is just like losing a close relative.

On the other hand, if you’re the one who has lost a furry pal, this portrait is a sweet way to commemorate it. The portraits are fully customized and the artists have captured the unique cuteness of every animal in their portfolio. Plus, their services are variable and inexpensive, which just adds up to the pile of pros. If you ask me, I definitely prefer this option next to urns, tattoos or memorial jewelry pieces.

And I’m sorry for talking so much about memorials here…it’s just that it makes such a perfect commemoration, and I really do sympathize with people who are going through this hard time.

But of course you can get this for yourself or a friend who has a kitty who is alive and well!

If you’re convinced and ready to order, check out their ordering page here, which will walk you through all the steps necessary to get the absolute perfect painting!

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