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For kitties, the outdoor world is filled with risks and dangers hiding behind every corner.

Fleas, mosquitos, heartworm, speeding cars, stray animals, poisonous plants – the list is quite long.

Unfortunately, keeping your pet strictly indoors doesn’t automatically guarantee that it won’t suffer any health risks. And keeping it from being outside in the fresh air just feels…wrong (to some people).

So is there a way to safely get your indoor kitty some fresh air?

You bet there is. Introducing outdoor pens and nets for cats!

Both indoor and outdoor cats have excellent inborn hunting instincts and have to satisfy their curiosity and need to explore.

By keeping your pet strictly indoors, you’re limiting its chances of finding new sights, smells, and entertainment. You wouldn’t want to be stuck within your house 24/7, and neither does your cat.

And unfortunately, no matter how many toys you buy or how much attention you’re paying your fluffy friend, it still needs something new every once in a while.

Outdoor pens and nets for cats are a great way to give your kitty a peek at the outdoor world, while keeping it safe from predators, traffic, stray animals, diseases and so on.

Reviewing The Best Outdoor Cat Pens And Nets

Today there are a lot of pens and nets for cats available.

Some of them are compact, similar to your typical cat carriers and cages.

Others are more suitable for larger open spaces, like a backyard.

Without further ado, here are the best pens and nets for cats available on the market.

#1. Paws & Pals (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

paws and pals pen

This awesome playpen for cats comes in a variety of  colors. It can be folded into a bag and then easily set up the next time you need it, which makes it super versatile and simple to set up. And let’s face it, if it’s too hard to set up, you’re not going to use it a lot.

The fun octagonal shape and its neat design not only offer a substantial play area, but also makes it convenient for storage and traveling due to the pop-up feature.

It’s a great deal if you’re on a budget, and it’s worth every dime because it’s made out of high quality, durable mesh.

Among its many advantages are the several side pockets. These compartments are great for storing cat treats or food and other pet supplies. And with a 48-inch diameter and a height of 24 inches, the playpen is suitable for small and large kitties alike.

Moreover, the net offers some privacy yet allows constant airflow. It has some transparent areas, which allow you to monitor your pet as it’s playing safely inside its enclosure. Easy to set up, with a neat design and compartments for pet supplies – this playpen is definitely a must-have item.

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2. Outback Jack

outback jack net

With ABO Gear’s outdoor net, you can have your kitty camping anywhere you want!

This awesome playpen is shaped like a camping tent and offers more than 30 square feet of space for your feline furball. Just like the previous item, this net also folds into a carry-bag, suitable for easy storage or for traveling.

It comes with a zipper door to prevent your pet from escaping, and it also features two pegs for stability when you’re setting it up. It offers full transparency on each side so you can easily monitor your pet. You can also combine it with other similar products from the same series, such as a fun tunnel net, extending from the zipper door.

A serious downside to this net is that there’s no solid floor base. Your pet probably won’t like feeling the netted mesh with its paws, so you’ll have to place a rug or a blanket on the bottom. Other than that, it’s perfectly safe, looks good, and won’t cause you any trouble.

If you can spend a few extra bucks on an outdoor enclosure for your kitty and you want a full view at all times, ABO Gear’s product is an outstanding option.

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3. Kittywalk

Kittywalk’s net enclosure is an elongated version of the standard outdoor cat pen. Thanks to its design, you can use it even on narrow balconies and small patios.

However, it doesn’t come cheap. So if you’re looking to save some money, the Kittywalk enclosure isn’t the best option on the market.

Nevertheless, it’s made out of extremely durable and reliable materials. The four-part arched frame is solid steel, whereas the hard netted mesh will prevent your cat’s paws from ripping it. It features a door on both ends for easier access and provides maximum airflow and transparent visibility at all times.

Another one of its advantages is that it’s absolutely weather resistant. So if you leave it on the balcony, it won’t get damaged by harsh weather conditions. What’s more, it comes with a travel bag for storage purposes and is super easy to take apart or snap back together.

If you’re residing in a small apartment with a narrow balcony, this net enclosure will effortlessly meet your pet’s needs for enjoying the outdoors in a safe manner.

4. MidWest Collapsible Playpen


Unlike the afore-mentioned nets and pens, this one is a large cage measuring 36 inches by 23.5 inches in length and width. With a height of 50.5 inches and four inner levels, the playpen is ideal for all feline breeds, as well as for multi-cat households.

With thick metal wires, three adjustable benches, one soft cat bed, and a solid base with four wheels, the Cat Playpen 130 is easy to move and modify depending on your pet’s needs. On top of that, this gigantic cage is actually designed to collapse for neater storage!

It also features a leak-proof sliding pan floor made out of ABS plastic which you can remove for easier cleaning. It’s perfectly suitable for those times when you need to place a litter box inside the cage. Lastly, it also has two large swing-open doors which come with secured latches.

The two disadvantages of this playpen are its expensive price tag and the fact that the net’s wide-spaced bars can’t protect your kitty from insects.

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Some pet parents opt for taking their cats for a walk on a leash. Others allow them to roam the backyard freely. In both cases your cat is never 100% safe from escaping and running away.

Purchasing an outdoor pen or net for your feline friend is the easiest way to give it the excitement of the outdoor world without worrying about stray animals, diseases, or the chances of your pet running off after something or someone.

Regardless of their shape or price, feline pens and nets offer peace of mind for you, and safety for your precious furball.

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