The Best Cat Toys For Obese Kitties

Obesity isn’t a mass problem affecting only human beings. It affects cats too. And just as it is with us humans, obesity can lead to numerous life-threatening health risks for feline creatures.

It’s a popular misconception that only senior cats tend to become overweight due to having slower metabolisms and being more inactive than their younger counterparts. However, obesity strikes felines of all breeds and ages, regardless of where they’re residing or of how active they are.

Some cats, like the American Shorthair for example, have a tendency towards becoming overweight by default. Others are just lazy when it comes to physical activities.

There are also those types which are just too spoiled by their pet parents in terms of food and treats. And then there’s also the factor of pre-existing health issues, which have led to obesity.

If your own precious furball needs to shed a few extra pounds, don’t worry. There are ways to help it get back in shape. First of all, make sure it’s calorie intake is acceptable, since most of the work in losing weight comes from the food we ingest. Then, make sure you opt for some interactive cat toys to speed things along.

It does sound simple, doesn’t it? However, toys for obese cats are different from the toys you would typically get for a bored cat. They focus on exercising your fluffy pal instead of just keeping it entertained. We’ve come up with a short list of the best cat toys for overweight kitties available on the market these days. And don’t worry – they’re not some overpriced good-for-nothing items.

The Best Toys For Obese Cats Reviewed

Motorized Bumper Mouse

One of the best motion cat toys out there is the Bumper Mouse.

Instead of making your feline furball paw at it, the toy actually tempts the cat to run after it, thus exercising its entire body. The mouse moves quickly in erratic motions, which imitate a real-life prey. Thus, the toy evokes your kitty’s natural inborn hunting instincts.

Affordable and efficient, this toy will transform even the laziest lap-cats into active hunters.

The mouse has a special feathered string-y tail, which makes the toy even more appealing to felines. The swift movements and the long feathers will ensure lots of exercise and will help your pet become healthier. It works with three AA batteries, which you can easily replace when the previous ones wear out.

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Mouse Hunter

Unlike the previous mouse-themed toy, this one isn’t motorized.

The Mouse Hunter doesn’t move drastically. In fact, it doesn’t move at all, unless it’s pushed, kicked or pawed at by your pet. However, it’s packed with catnip, making it extremely appealing to any feline furball out there.

What’s more, it actually produces awesome squeaking noises, which awaken your cat’s senses even further. On top of that, any cat will fall in love with the toy’s irresistible furry fabrics.

This toy provides both mental and physical stimulation. It’s currently a best-seller among catnip-filled feline toys and it won’t break your wallet. Moreover, the squeaking sounds will tempt the kitty to keep pawing, kicking and chasing the mouse each time it comes into contact with it.

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Pet Zone’s Fly By Spinner

Fly By imitates the movement of a real butterfly, bringing the outdoor world inside your house or apartment. It produces the motions and the sounds, which a real butterfly would make, tempting the kitty to engage into stalking, hunting, jumping and pawing at the toy.

The solid base features rubber feet to prevent your pet from pushing, sliding or knocking over the toy.

Fly By works with one AAA battery and has an off-on switch, which allows you to exercise an overweight kitty whenever it’s suitable for you. On top of that the butterfly and its string are sturdy and durable enough to withstand even harsher play sessions.

Lastly, you can also get a replacement for the butterfly and string part from Pet Zone just in case something goes wrong with the original parts.

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SmartyKat’s Loco Motion Wand

Similar to the previous toy, SmartyKat’s Loco Motion Wand is a motion toy based on a moving object.

However, the feathered tail attached to the string doesn’t revolve in perfect circular motions around the base, unlike the Fly By butterfly does. Instead, the Loco Motion Wand produces figure 8-like movements of the feathered tail.

Among the numerous advantages of this toy is the fact that you can manually set up the speed. What’s more, it can offer your kitty up to 2 hours of non-stop play sessions! The solid base features 4 plastic legs, which extend far enough to support the toy’s weight and to prevent it from skidding during playtime.

The toy is battery operated and thanks to the adjustable speed, you can keep your cat well-exercised with daily work-outs.

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PetSafe’s Slimcat food dispensing ball

One of the most common reasons for obesity is overeating. With PetSafe’s Slimcat ball you can actually make your kitty work for its food.

Out of the plethora of treat dispensers and automated pet feeders, the Slimcat ball is among the best ones available on the market. Not only does it operate on the successful reward system, but it actually combines satisfaction with physical exercise.

It has a 2.7-inch diameter and comes with adjustable openings. By dispensing the food or treats on small amounts it maintains the cat’s on-going interest, prevents digestive problems and promotes daily work-outs.

The best part about this ball is that it’s 100% dishwasher-safe. And it also comes in a variety of color options.

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Babble Ball

One of the best interactive cat toys on the market is the awesome Babble Ball.

This genius toy produces more than 20 different sounds, including meowing, chirps, squeaks, and some actual phrases like “Here, kitty, kitty, kitty!”. On top of that it’s also infused with catnip, which you can easily refill once it wears off.

Moreover, the Babble Ball is made out of durable materials and you can easily replace its batteries. It’s motion-activated and automatically turns off once your kitty gets tired of it.

This amazing toy stimulates your fluffy friend on a mental and physical level, keeping it entertained, occupied and well-exercised on daily basis. Another one of its advantages is the fact that it’s not only substantial in fighting off obesity, but it’s also quite affordable.

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Even if your kitty happens to be severely overweight, you don’t have to invest in overpriced dieting foods just to get it in shape. Exercising is an indispensable factor in maintaining your pet’s physical health. The right cat toys not only help your precious furball exercise, but they also stimulate it on a mental level, keeping it entertained and satisfied during work-outs.

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