The Best Cat Strollers For Your Kitty | Reviewed & Rated

If you think that pet strollers are just for dogs – think again. Cat carriages have SO many benefits for our feline friends.

Trust us, you’re going to want this tool in your armory.

Most of us feel the pet parent guilt of keeping our cats indoors. Yes, it is a fact that indoor cats live longer and are healthier than their outdoor counterparts. Yes, it is true that there are fewer dangers facing our cats when we keep them inside. And, it is even arguably accurate to say that we need not feel guilty for keeping our cats indoors.

But there is always this niggling doubt that snaps at our heels, feeling like our cats have no freedom. Feeling like we quell those natural instincts.

This is where the best cat strollers come in. It’s such a useful tool to allow your cat to have the best of both worlds: freedom and safety.

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Why Opt For A Cat Stroller?

With options out there such as cat cages, outdoor runs, and cat backpacks, you may be questioning why you should choose a stroller for your kitty.

Strollers are useful for particular types of cats and owners alike:

Senior Or Ailing Cats

For senior cats who have lost the spring in their step, a good stroller might be just the ticket for providing your much-loved kitty with a sense of adventure. With a stroller they can feel the wind in their fur without the worry of tiring them out too much.

Similarly, ailing cats or cats with short or long-term medical problems might benefit from a stroller. A stroller provides a low-energy break from the four walls that they see everyday and allow them the pleasure of the sights and sounds of the great outdoors!

Cat Parents Who Want To Stroll

If you enjoy taking longer walks but worry your cat will tire too quickly, a stroller provides some respite for your furry friends when the going gets tough on their little legs.

Equally, if you have a cat but often rely on a walking aid, then a top stroller provides all the security of a walking aid as well as the added bonus of kitty companionship!

Or, perhaps you need a little encouragement to grab more vitamin D and get into the great outdoors. Let’s be honest, we all know what it is to get suckered into our sofas. A cat stroller could be just the ticket for giving you the inspiration to get out into the fresh air.


If you’re the kind of cat parent who enjoys getting out on the weekend to visit new places, a cat stroller offers the flexibility of bringing your feline friends along for the journey.

Instead of feeling that burning guilt of leaving them at home with over-spilling bowls of kibble, pack up the stroller and bring them along on the journey.

The Sheer Novelty

There’s something about a cat in a stroller that onlookers cannot help but be intrigued by!

Having a cat stroller is a guaranteed conversation starter with just about anyone who passes by.

And what a way to start a conversation with your neighbors or any friendly people around.

Reactions to a cat stroller are often worth the stroller’s weight in gold!

What To Consider When Choosing The Top Stroller

Before you whip out your credit card and throw (figuratively speaking) your cat into one of the best cat strollers, there are a few things to take into consideration:

Size And Weight

One of the first considerations should be the size and weight of your kitty. Strollers vary in size and some are made only with dogs in mind.

So, you want to consider what kind of size you will need for your cat. Alternatively, you might need to consider the size you’ll need if you plan on taking multiple cats out in one stroller – you’ll need something big enough to accommodate all your kitties without them fighting for the front spot!

Terrain and Wheels

Some strollers have only small, light wheels made for paved areas. Whereas others have bulkier, sturdier ones made for rougher terrain.

There’s no right or wrong with this, you just need to think about where you’ll be walking your feline friends and choose wheels that suit accordingly.

But we think it’s safe to say that small, light wheels won’t be so effective when hiking…

The Avid Traveler

If you’re the kind of pet parent who likes to take your cats for days out or on vacation, then this is worth bearing in mind when choosing the stroller for you.

Look for strollers that fold down easily so that you can store them in the trunk of your car when travelling from location to location.

Stroller Safety

If you’re contemplating buying a cat stroller, we can be certain that you’re concerned about keeping your kitty safe in the great outdoors.

But, even with a stroller, there are still a couple of safety elements you’ll need to keep in mind:

Rear-Locking Wheels

Remember when we talked about all those conversations you’d have with total strangers who are eager to hear all about your cat? Well, this is where the rear-locking wheels are pretty useful.

Whenever you need to stop – be that to chat or let your cat use the bathroom – rear-locking wheels ensure you aren’t the next YouTube sensation as you chase a runaway stroller.

Secured Enclosure

Cats are natural born hunters so sometimes they might try and bolt whenever a squirrel or bird crosses their line of sight. Also, they might just be a little nervous and want to get outta there the first few times.

So, a zipped or otherwise secure enclosure keeps your kitties safely tucked in where they belong.


When you take your feline friends out for a stroll, you should watch for signs that they need the bathroom, such as scratching as they might in the litter box.

However, sometimes accidents happen, and you may not know your kitty’s signs the first few times you take them out.

It’s useful therefore to either look out for leakproof strollers. Or, you can just line the bottom with a “puppy pad” for easy laundering.

Extra Measures for Better Comfort

As you’ll want to let your kitties out of the stroller to use the bathroom, we would recommend using a harness and leash which you’ll place on your cats before they hop into the stroller.

The leash also gives you a little extra comfort in the knowledge that you have some control beyond the secured bonnet. And, as fellow pet parents, we know that it’s useful to have a backup when it comes to safety, even if it’s only there for peace of mind.

Quick Find Best In Class Table

Editor’s Choice

Pet Gear NV No-Zip Kitty Stroller

  • Easy lock canopy for safety and quick access
  • Huge wheels for traversing any terrain with ease
  • Collapsible and easy to clean

IRIS Folding Cat Stroller

  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Budget-friendly
  • Collapsible

The 2 Best Cat Strollers

After trying out a LOT of different cat strollers, we present to you our pick of the top two cat strollers available on the market. With various prices and qualities, we will lay out who these strollers would best suit.


#1. Pet Gear NV No-Zip Kitty Stroller

  • Interior 30″ x 22″ x 13″ provides ample room
  • Big gel tires for smooth ride
  • Storage tray and basket
  • One-hand folding
  • Locking Brakes

With the perfect mix of style and functionality, the Pet Gear cat stroller is without doubt our top pick for the best cat strollers.

Here are the key benefits:

  • Easy lock canopy for safety and quick access
  • Collapsible
  • Huge wheels for traversing any terrain with ease
  • Safety and enjoyment features for your cat
  • Easy to clean

Arguably the biggest advantage of this particular stroller is its no-zip easy-lock entry which keeps your kitty safely tucked away while simultaneously allowing you quick and easy access whenever you need it – such as a toilet break or an emergency treat to soothe a nervous kitty.

Carrying cats of up to 70 pounds, the Pet Gear Stroller is a great option for the more adventurous cat parent. Not only is the stroller easily collapsible, using just two levers to make it easily transportable in your car, but it is set for rougher terrain. The stroller features rear-wheel brakes as well as more robust wheels with shock absorbers in the front. All of which are perfect elements for brisk walks or uneven surfaces.

Additionally, your kitty is completely catered for in this stroller. For the best view in the house, the stroller features a panoramic mesh canopy equipped with an elevated paw rest allowing them to view their surroundings with ease.

There is also a tether inside of the enclosed section of the stroller if you have a Mr. Wriggles who might benefit from the calming feeling of being secure.

And, for any unfortunate occurrences, the stroller has a removable, washable liner that is great for on-the-go cleaning.

Finally, the stroller comes with cup-holders and a large basket underneath, perfect for days when you need to take additional supplies on your walk.

In conclusion, we recommend this stroller for pretty much any cat owner. It’s great value, works for various terrains, and is easily stored once folded down. It really is the perfect all-rounder you will never want to live without!

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#2. IRIS Folding Cat Stroller

  • 38.58″ x 19.68″ x 37.6″
  • Rear and front entry for easy access
  • Retractable zippered canopy for sun and weather protection
  • Mesh windows for viewing and ventialation

In second place is our budget pick, perfect for those who don’t plan on doing any off-roading, and just need something basic to take around the neighbourhood.

We’ve broken down the main benefits of this cat stroller:

  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Budget-friendly
  • Collapsible

The best feature of this particular cat stroller is its versatility.

The stroller features a frame with a detachable bag to keep small belongings in. Perfect for your phone, keys, and of course, cat treats!

At under 10 pounds, the IRIS is a lightweight option. It can carry pets of up to 17.5 pounds, meaning all but the largest kitties will find comfort.

Moreover, the carrier features a zippered, retractable bonnet keeping your pet safely inside.

With mesh at the front of the enclosure, your kitty can enjoy the view facing them as you stroll around the neighborhood. And, the bonnet stretches tight in a non-mesh, full color over the top, protecting them from harmful UV rays. This feature is especially useful for those with lighter colored cats who can be prone to sunburn.

The overall frame as well as the carrier are entirely collapsible, making both components of the stroller easy to transport and store.

Unfortunately, there is no waterproof lining or pad included, so you’ll have to provide that yourself.

Overall, this is a great stroller for the price. It offers many great features and works well as a starter stroller.

Again, it is not something that we would recommend for more extended walks or uneven terrain given its lightweight frame and smaller wheels. It would be best used on shorter strolls in paved areas.

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