Which Cat Food is Best Suited For Your Siamese Cat? Reviewing And Rating The Top Wet and Dry Options

Due to their unique features, Siamese cats are one of the most easily recognized cat breeds in the world, but is the best cat food for them anything different from other cats?

Their name is derived from Siam, the former name of Thailand and the Oriental paradise from where they hail.

(Fun fact, I recently spent a lot of time there! Not as many Siamese kitties as I expected ☹️)

These exotic creatures are known for the almond shaped blue eyes and triangular head, which is often accentuated by a mix of colorings on their face.

Although sometimes depicted as being aloof and abrasive – think Disney’s Lady and the Tramp – the modern Siamese cat is described as an extrovert, loving the company of their human owners and being cared for luxuriously.

For a kitty that can give you so much love, it’s so important that you choose the best food to keep it healthy and happy!

Remember – the wrong food over it’s lifetime can significantly harm any cat, and literally knock years off of it’s life, and lead to painful health consequences. Choose right!

Of course to keep any cat happy and healthy, you should be feeding it a biologically appropriate diet of the best cat food.

That means it must be:

  • High in protein
  • Low in carbohydrates
  • Moderate in fats

It should also be:

  • Full of real, named meat ingredients, including organs
  • Absent of fillers like corn, wheat, and starches
  • Full of vitamins and nutrients, or whole food versions that contain them

Here’s Why We’re Qualified To Talk To You About This…

We put together a massive internal database (which we’ll be releasing to the public soon), of over 2000 cat foods.

We collected data from calories to macronutrients to ingredients to how they compare to the average.

We then used both formulas and a bit of common sense to score each food out of 5.

We looked at studies to find out what cats should really eat.

Basically, we have dedicated hundreds of hours, now, to cat food research, and have the data to back it up!

We’ll be drawing on the data we collected to recommend some of the best foods below.

Tap a food type to jump down the page to our reviews below...or, read on to learn more about how we make our recommendations

Do Siamese Need Specific Food?

Nahhhh. They actually don’t.

Here’s what I mean.

Some brands have “Siamese Specific” food options.

Basically all that means is that the kibble is shaped a certain way, and they slightly alter the recipe.

However, these “specialty” foods are typically full of horrible ingredients like corn and “meat by-products”, which are absolutely not appropriate for your cat’s nutritional needs.

If your Siamese kitty has a hard time with her current food for some reason, then we recommend trying her out on one of our choices below, which are literally the best options for almost every cat.

Here’s where we may challenge what you’ve been told to believe…(sorry!)…

Different breeds of cats are really only different in terms of their looks, not their physiology or digestion.

Just like humans can have different hair colors, skin colors, eye colors, body sizes, or body shapes, yet still remain human and have the same nutritional needs, cats can look a bit different, yet be pretty much the same “under the hood”.

That means that your precious Siamese isn’t that much different than a giant Maine Coon, or a hairless Sphynx.

They all require the same, basic, non-complicated nutrient profile.

What Do Cats Eat In The Wild?

It’s important to learn what cats eat in the wild because…

Domestic cats are descendants of wild cats, and they are not very different biologically.

There just hasn’t been enough time or environmental pressure for them to evolve significantly.

Therefore, what a cat chooses to eat in the wild, should be pretty close to perfect, since eating the right food is about the most important, primary drive for any animal.

Luckily, research has been done on this.

To start, let’s look at domestic cats.

In one study, when given the option between a number of commercial pet foods, cats tended to eat the foods that gave them the following macronutrient breakdown (dry matter basis):

  • 52% protein
  • 36% fat
  • 12% carbohydrate

That’s pretty different than most pet foods…especially the brands who claim they make “breed-specific” foods.

Ok, now let’s look at the data from a compilation of studies on wild cats.

These studies all looked at feral or stray cat populations. They covered multiple continents and a variety of environments (near the sea, rural, urban, etc.).

Here’s the macronutrient breakdown, on average, of what cats eat in the wild (dry matter basis):

  • 63% protein
  • 23% fat
  • 3% carbs


So much different than most commercial pet foods.

What you should be looking for, then, is a high protein, moderate fat, low carbohydrate food.

That food should get most or all of it’s protein from named meat sources (i.e., chicken, not “meat by-products”).

After all, the foods cats were eating in the wild were almost exclusively animals. Rats, mice, rabbits, birds…

It should have minimal fillers (things like corn, rice, wheat, etc.).

OK, So Now What?

Alright, so we could have just picked some random foods and told you they were “perfectly designed” for your special kitty.

Buuut, that would be totally wrong and could be pretty bad for your cat’s health.

It’s up to you whether you believe us and the data, or whether you believe the big companies who tell you that “breed specific” foods should be full of corn, by-products, and other junk.

If you’re ready to leave the marketing mumbo jumbo behind, read on below to find out our top recommended wet, dry, and freeze-dried food options for your special kitty!

Ratings Of The Best Cat Food For Siamese Kitties



Protein / Fat / Carbs (DM)

Price / Pound

Buy Now

#1 Wet

nomnomnow chicken


All the benefits of fresh, homemade food, without the hassle. Delivered to your door!

67 / 15 / 8


#2 Wet

bravo feline cafe

Bravo! Feline Cafe

Organ meat for a biologically appropriate feed, excellent macronutrient profile.

53 / 31 / 0


#1 Dry

wysong epigen 90

Wysong Epigen 90

The absolute best dry food recipe and nutrient profile we've found. What every dry food should try to be.

70 / 18 / 0


#2 Dry

dr elseys cleanprotein

Dr. Elsey's cleanprotein

One of the few real competitors to our #1 pick. Excellent nutrient profile and clean ingredients.

67 / 20 / 0


#1 Freeze-Dried

vital essentials mini patties

Vital Essentials Mini Patties

As close as a wild diet as you can get. Near-perfect, biologically appropriate option.

57 / 16 / 14


#1 Wet. NomNomNow Fresh Wet Cat Food

nomnomnow chicken

Macronutrients on a dry-matter basis:

  • Protein: 66.67%
  • Fat: 14.81%
  • Carbs: 8.15%

First 4 ingredients: Chicken thigh, chicken breast, chicken liver, carrot

Feed your lovely kitty like her wild relatives.

This isn’t your traditional canned wet food.

NomNomNow makes fresh cat food, and then delivers it to your door.

In individual packages…which are perfectly portioned based on your kitty’s weight and target weight.

Formulated by one of America’s leading veterinary nutritionists, it’s a very biologically-appropriate option.

You get all the benefits of homemade food, but with literally none of the hassle.

Fantastic ingredients, fantastic macronutrient profile.

A winner all around.

#2 Wet. Bravo! Feline Cafe Chicken Fricassee

bravo feline cafe

Macronutrients on a dry-matter basis:

  • Protein: 52.78%
  • Fat: 30.56%
  • Carbs: 0%

First 4 ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Broth, Chicken Heart, Chicken Liver

One of the best canned foods you can choose, Bravo! puts together a recipe full of various cuts of chicken, including organs, which are super healthy for your cat.

There are almost no carbs added.

The minerals are chelated so they’re easier to absorb in your kitty’s belly.

There are really no controversial ingredients at all, which is rare.

This is a very high quality option that is biologically appropriate.

#1 Dry. Wysong Epigen 90 Starch Free

wysong epigen 90

Macronutrients on a dry-matter basis:

  • Protein: 70%
  • Fat: 17.8%
  • Carbs: 0%

First 4 ingredients: Chicken Meal, Organic Chicken, Meat Protein Isolate, Chicken Fat

While we recommend feeding wet food most of the time, since cats require a lot of moisture, but don’t have a strong thirst drive, this is the best of the dry foods out there.

Add a bit of water to it before feeding to make it even more appropriate to your cat’s needs.

Otherwise, it’s a show stopper.

Whereas most kibbles fail to break 40 or 50% protein, this one puts them all to shame with 70%.

It also has no carbs, and even uses gelatin as a binding agent, instead of a plant based or synthetic option, which is more popular.

The “meat protein isolate” sounds like a big no-no, since it’s an unnamed meat, but Wysong says it’s 100% pork isolate, and they’ve only labeled that because they interpret labeling laws in such a way that makes that the correct way to put it on the label.

Definitely one of the best choices if you feed dry.

#2 Dry. Dr. Elsey's cleanprotein Chicken

dr elseys cleanprotein

Macronutrients on a dry-matter basis:

  • Protein: 67.05%
  • Fat: 20.45%
  • Carbs: 0%

First 4 ingredients: Chicken, Dried Egg Product, Pork Protein Isolate, Gelatin

We were surprised to see a real challenger to our #1 Wysong pick, but Dr. Elsey’s has delivered.

With chicken and pork protein isolate, they pack a huge amount of animal protein in right at the start.

Egg is a very bioavailable protein, full of amino acids and very digestible.

Again with no carbs, we see a very biologically appropriate macronutrient profile, close to what kitty would eat in the wild, as discussed above.

It has a lot of added vitamins and nutrients, but no digestive enzymes or probiotics, like our #1 pick.

It’s a fantastic option if your cat doesn’t like the taste of the Wysong brand for some reason, or if the shape of it isn’t right.

#1 Freeze-Dried. Vital Essentials Mini Patties Rabbit

vital essentials mini patties

Macronutrients on a dry-matter basis:

  • Protein: 56.52%
  • Fat: 16.30%
  • Carbs: 14.13%

First 4 ingredients: Finely Ground Whole Rabbit, Rabbit Heart, Rabbit Liver, Rabbit Lungs

We believe that freeze-dried food has the potential to be the closest to a wild diet for your kitty.

The way the process is done locks in nutrients and flavors.

When you add water to “re-animate” it, you fulfill the moisture requirements, making it just about perfect.

This starts off with whole ground rabbit. That’s basically what your cat would eat in the wild.

It just so happens to be whole ground, for easier digestibility and eating.

It’s also full of additional organ meat.

The carbohydrate content seems to come from the raw goat’s milk (which is actually quite good for cats, since it’s unpasteurized and contains the enzyme that helps them break down lactose), so there are no added plants here.

Overall, this is highly appropriate for a feline.

And remember, the cost per pound goes down significantly when you add water to it. Your cat isn’t going through the package in a couple of bites, since it will expand and go further when rehydrated. Therefore the higher apparent cost per pound is a bit of a false signal.

About as close as you can get to a proper wild diet from a commercial pet food!

Free Feeding Versus Controlled Portions For Siamese

Some Siamese cat owners find it best to offer one meal in dry food and the second using a wet or canned option. You may find that this helps in proper digestion of their meals and prevents dehydration and watery stools for your Siamese cat.

Controlled portions at set meal times is also recommended to avoid overeating and obesity for your pet.

While these recommendations are all well balanced and full of the nutrients your pet needs, it is important that you choose one that your cat is happy with.

Siamese cats are known for their finicky choices in meals, and will allow themselves to become malnourished if not pleased with the flavors of the food you provide.

Luckily they are otherwise not known for any breed-specific health issues that some of their cat cousins are faced with, so the most important thing you’ll need to worry about is picking a food, like those above, that is super high in protein and super low in carbs…and made with real meat!

A Bit More Reading..

We found these sources an interesting “gateway”, if you will, to the world of breed specific cat food and just how silly it is.

Should You Choose Dry Food or Canned For Your Siamese Cat?

Your first question when looking for Siamese food is which texture to try. Dry food is hard and crunchy, excellent for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. The problem is that like most cats, Siamese don’t naturally seek out hydration, so you will need to find a way to add water to their diet constantly to avoid kidney or urinary tract disease.

Canned – or wet – cat food is able to help add essential fluids to the Siamese cat’s diets, but you need to be wary of added preservatives and fillers in the poorly blended varieties. This will fill your Siamese cat’s small belly with excess carbs that they don’t need, and prohibit essential protein and vitamins from passing through.

Conducting taste tests with your Siamese cat is an easy way to help pick a food you will know they like. Start with these best cat foods for Siamese cats to ensure that your pet chooses a diet that meets all of her nutritional needs.

Our Reviews & Ratings

#1. Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Cat Food (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

wellness core grain free cat food

The Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free dry cat food comes in a variety of different flavors and stages to help feed your Siamese a diet they will love.

The indoor formula is designed specifically to meet the needs of Siamese cats who don’t spend any time outdoors, so it will mimic the natural diet her body craves, which is exactly what you’re looking for.

There is also the Turkey & Duck or Turkey, Chicken & Whitefish formulas that suit the taste preferences of all Siamese cats.

If you are raising a Siamese baby, the special Kitten Blend is highly concentrated in vitamins and minerals essential for healthy growth.

Packed with real ingredients and a great nutritional profile, for dry food fanatics, this is definitely our top choice!

check todays price

>> Click here to read more reviews and see today’s best price on Chewy.com <<

#2. Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Wet Canned Cat Food

wellness core grain free wet cat food

Wellness CORE has also packed their nutrition for Siamese cats into 5.5 ounce cans of wet food, which sell for just over $2/each, which is great value for such an amazingly nutritious food.

Like it’s dry version above, this blend is highly rated by Siamese cat owners, who note that their pets have no trouble in maintaining a healthy weight when fed this cat food exclusively.

Even more flavors are available in the canned option versus the dry cat food and includes:

  • Kitten formula
  • Beef, venison & Lamb formula
  • Turkey & Duck formula
  • Indoor formula
  • Chicken, Turkey & Chicken Liver formula, and
  • Salmon, Whitefish & Herring Formula

Taurine is added as a natural ingredient to all blends to promote good heart and vision health for your Siamese cat. Plus the grain free, high protein, content of CORE recipes makes them a gluten-free food for your Siamese cat. This is easily our top wet choice.

Perfect if you do a wet/dry diet, too, since you can get the same brand for each and they’ll go really well together and create a complete nutritional profile.

check todays price

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#3. Good Life Indoor Recipe Dry Food for Cats

goodlife cat food

Real chicken is listed as the first ingredient for this dry food recipe that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of indoor-only Siamese cats.

You will find no fillers like corn, soy or wheat listed, but antioxidants are added in the form of vitamins to help keep your pet’s immune system healthy.

Good Life is a slightly less expensive option, so good for those on a budget.

However your flavor options are limited to Chicken, Indoor Chicken, and Salmon.

No special blend is available that specifically meets the needs of younger Siamese cats.siamese-cat-eat

check todays price

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#4. Tiki Pet Foods Cat Waimea Luau Tuna On Rice With Prawns Pet Food

This gourmet whole food for Siamese cats contains natural prey ingredients perfect for a feline diet.

This blend is often recommended by vets for the prevention and treatment of a number of diseases common in cats including urinary tract infections, CRF, irritable bowel syndrome, and diabetestiki cat food

If seafood is what your kitty craves, she’ll be lining up every day for meal time with this fun and exciting variety pack.

Real fish makes up the first ingredients on the list, which also includes vitamins and minerals to round out the nutritional elements and keep your kitty strong and healthy.

The seafood variety pack works out to be about $1 for each 2.8 ounce can and contains flavors like:

  • Sardine Cutlets
  • Ahi Tuna
  • Mackerel and Sardines in Calamari Consomme
  • Ahi Tuna with Crab

Tiki cat sells similar varieties that include chicken and meat blends if you prefer to give your Siamese cat a more balanced diet. Offer the rice flavors sparingly as your pet gets more benefit from the higher protein containing flavors.

check todays price

>> Click here to read more reviews and see today’s best price on Chewy.com <<

Free Feeding Versus Controlled Portions

For balance, many Siamese cat owners find it best to offer one meal in dry food and the second using a wet or canned option. You may find that this helps in proper digestion of their meals and prevents dehydration and watery stools for your Siamese cat. Controlled portions at set meal times is also recommended to avoid overeating and obesity for your pet.

While these recommendations are all well balanced and full of the nutrients your pet needs, it is important that you choose one that your cat is happy with. Siamese cats are known for their finicky choices in meals, and will allow themselves to become malnourished if not pleased with the flavors of the food you provide.

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alley - December 7, 2018

i am so lost with picking the best food for my blue seal point siamese. i have her on blue buffalo now…..i thought that was the best? i have been feeding her a little bit of cooked salmon in the morning, i am on a new diet myself and she will just cry and cry until she gets some. i though it was good for her, but i guess not…what should i do? she knows how to make me give in due to how much i love her. is blue buffalo ok??

    Emily Parker - January 21, 2019

    Hey Alley –

    Blue Buffalo has some good foods and some not so good foods. We recommend their Wilderness line up as their top one, so if you want to stick with Blue Buffalo, that’s probably your best bet.


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