How To Tell If Your Cat Is a Travel Cat In 3 Easy Steps

how to tell travel cat

Are you dreaming of traveling with your cat? Do you crave taking your cat on short hikes and walks with you? If so, you’ll want to make sure your cat is first a “travel cat.” How do you tell if your cat is a travel cat, you ask? Here’s how! First, Your Cat’s Purrsonality The … Read more

The Best Cat Strollers For Your Kitty | Reviewed & Rated

best cat strollers reviewed

If you think that pet strollers are just for dogs – think again. Cat carriages have SO many benefits for our feline friends. Trust us, you’re going to want this tool in your armory. Most of us feel the pet parent guilt of keeping our cats indoors. Yes, it is a fact that indoor cats … Read more

How We Rate Cat Foods (Biologically Appropriate Cat Food)

how we rate cat foods

Our database of cat foods contains over 2000 individual foods. We collected all the relevant information on each product, including: AAFCO Rating Ingredient list Macronutrient profiles (Guaranteed Analysis, Dry-Matter Basis, and Caloric Basis) Price and price per pound Calories per 100 grams Whether meat is the first ingredient How each food compares to the average … Read more

Do Cats Dream? Can They Have Nightmares?

All felines on the planet love to sleep. In fact, they do it more often than any other species of domestic pet. Young kittens sleep through 20 hours of their entire 24 hour regime. Older kitties can snooze for up to 16 hours a day. But can they dream while doing so? Or are they … Read more

Can Cats Have Cinnamon Or Is It Bad For Them?

‘Tis the season of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and tons of other delicious and aromatic ingredients. And while pumpkin can be beneficial for your cat, the rest of the aforementioned goodies aren’t. Cinnamon in particular may seem harmless or even healthy since it does have some health benefits for human beings. Sadly, that’s not the … Read more

Can Cats Eat Wheatgrass?

Seeing your pet cat eat grass is something that’s just as shocking for first-time cat owners as it can be for some experienced pet parents. As carnivorous creatures felines don’t thrive on greenery. However, cats do eat grass on some occasions, regardless of their otherwise carnivorous lifestyle. If you’re allowing your kitty to go in … Read more

The 11 Worst Cat Foods and 15 Ingredients To Stay Away From

11 worst cat foods

What would you do if your cat developed a serious illness? Do you have pet insurance? Do you have the money set aside to pay for an expensive vet visit? If it was too late, and your cat didn’t make it… Would you know you did everything you could? For most cat parents, the pain … Read more