Everything You Need To Know About Cat Food Recalls

cat food recall

Cat food recalls are serious occurrences which have an impact on both cat food manufacturers and cat owners. As a cat parents, failing to understand the issues around cat food recalls can have serious consequences, including the death of your pets. A cat food recall is a situation where businesses involved in the manufacturing or … Read more

Early Addiction Recovery: How My Cat Was Better than a Boyfriend

early addiction recovery

Cats and addiction? What’s the connection? Well, the main point of this article is that my relationship with my cat was MUCH HEALTHIER and MUCH MORE THERAPUETIC than a human relationship with a member of the opposite sex. It might seem a far fetch, but I write this to help you … the person who’s … Read more

The 5 Best Wet Cat Food Brands with Ratings & Reviews for 2021

These healthy, biologically-appropriate options will give your kitty the best chance of a long, happy, and healthy life There’s no question that wet food is the best option for cats. There are way more healthy wet foods than there are dry foods out there. Even so, that doesn’t mean that all wet foods are healthy. … Read more

20 Amazing Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers (And Their Cats!)

christmas gifts for cat lovers

The Christmas holidays are just around the corner. If you have friends or family members who are major cat lovers, chances are you’re still looking for that perfect present. Are you looking for a fluffy cat toy or a tutorial on how to make a handmade cat-themed decorative pillow set? Such clichéd items are boring. … Read more

The Best Cat DNA Test Kit: Reviews & Ratings

best cat dna test reviews

Performing a DNA test is now more affordable and accessible than ever, so millions of people have been jumping at the opportunity to learn more about their ancestry and health. But did you know that you can learn about the genetic background of your feline companion as well? The idea of testing your cat’s DNA … Read more