Are Cats Territorial With Humans Or Other Cats?

are cats territorial

As majestic, graceful, and elegant as cats can be, they can also become a menacing pain in your neck. Felines don’t travel in packs, unlike other predators, but they are indeed territorial, mainly within their home environment. Cats are natural hunters with extremely heightened senses, especially when it comes to their eyesight and their olfaction … Read more

Why Do Cats Lick And Groom Each Other?

If you’re residing in a multi-cat household like I am you’ve probably seen some pretty puzzling things. Things that a one cat owner probably won’t see unless he/ she welcomes another furball into their home. One such thing is cats licking and grooming each other. That’s called allogrooming. Even pets that don’t get along might … Read more

Best Kitten Food For Healthy Baby Cats

best kitten food

There’s nothing better than inviting a sweet kitten into your home and heart. Their infinite energy, crazy zoomies, and adorable snuggles are unbeatable.  You might be wondering what type of food is best for the unique nutritional needs of kittens. Your sweet baby is completely dependent on their mother for the first few weeks of … Read more

Cats And Coronavirus – What You Need To Know

COVID-19, a coronavirus, has created a worldwide pandemic in 2020, causing concern, questions, and fear. It’s only natural that, as you get the feather wand out to enjoy some quality time with your cat, your mind might start to wonder… “Can my cat contract coronavirus?”  “Can my cat give ME coronavirus?”  “Should I be worried?” … Read more

Feral Cats

Feral Cats

You spot them near a restaurant dumpster. They are crouched down, silent, and unmoving. They watch you, wide-eyed, preparing to dart away into the night. What are they? Feral cats. What are the characteristics of feral cats? How do these cats survive outside? What problems do they cause? Can they be tamed? Can you adopt … Read more