25 Inspiring Kitty Tattoo Designs For Cat Lovers

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for some cool ideas for your next cat-themed tattoo. Coming up with a 100% original design and be tricky and there’s nothing wrong in drawing some inspiration from other people’s body ink.

So whether you’re just curious about kitty tattoo designs or you’re on the lookout for your next tat, here are 25 awesome ideas to get you started. Inspirational, minimalistic, eye-popping 3Ds or completely personalized – there’s something for everyone.

Generally Ah-mazing Cat Tattoo Designs

Although I have prepared personalized, minimalistic, delicate, crazy and overall awesome ideas, I wanted to share some general ones first. And we’re kicking things off with something feminine and mysterious.

#1. Cat Eyes And Paws On The Shoulder


There’s just something magical and intriguing in its simplicity, right?

#2. Cat Cream Cone On The Arm


And how about this one? Isn’t it the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Cats and ice cream. What else can you wish for? Apart from maybe a cat and ice cream combined in one tattoo?

#3. Alice In Wonderland Cheshire Cat


Regardless of how old you get, Alice (and more importantly, the Cheshire Cat) will never grow out of fashion.

#4. Another Cheshire Cat Looking Menacing


Speaking of the Cheshire Cat, here’s yet another inspirational kitty tattoo design of it, which I’m sure all cat lovers will appreciate.

#5. Scary Black Kitty And Fire Crackers


Are you a fan of something a bit gloomier with a darker sense of humor? How about this kitty?

#6. Thor Cat!


Even though Thor is already awesome, someone just found a way to make him even better…

#7. Beautiful Indian Style Cat


If you’re a fan of classical tattoos, check out this Indian cat – it’s definitely a sight to see!

#8. Beautiful Colorful Cat Silhouette


And for those of you who are looking for something more feminine – isn’t this rifle paper kitty just gorgeous?

#9. Cute Cartoon Kitten Playing With Yarn


Last, but not least, is this cutie. I can honestly say this has to be the most adorable cat tattoo design I have ever seen! How about you?

Personalized Cat Tattoo Designs

Of course, nobody wants a genetic rip-off tattoo. So, here are some personalized kitty designs, which can help you come up with new ideas for your tats.

#10. Furball Love Symbol


Simplistic and cute, this tattoo definitely shows how loving and devoted a cat owner can be to their feline furball.

#11. Coolest Cat Around


One of the best ways to come up with a personalized cat tattoo is to portray your fluffy friend’s uniqueness. And this tattoo is a hilarious example of how you can achieve this task.

#12. Old School Love Banner Kitty


Another cute idea about a beloved furball named Akai.

#13. Cat Angel Memorial


Although this tattoo gives off a rather gloomy feeling of a deceased pet, it’s still an excellent idea on how you can get a personalized tattoo of your kitty.

#14. Light, Feminine Kitty Love


Something light and feminine – isn’t it absolutely adorable?

Miniature And Minimalistic Cat Tattoo Designs

If you’re one of those people who prefer minimalistic tattoos next to gigantic flashy ones, then you should take a closer look at the following ideas. They are simple, yet creative. And they’re suitable for less visible parts of your body, such as the back of your neck, or the inner side of your ankles.

#15. Meow Fingers


I love this design! It’s cute, fun and so delicate at the same time!

#16. Cats Meow Toes


Another version of the previous design. This one clearly shows that you can still use the same idea even if you don’t want to sport body ink on your hands.

#17. Peeping Kitty On The Waistline


Speaking of non-hand tattoos, this little one above the waistline is hilarious!

#18. Geometric Minimalist Wrist Kitty


Another great option for a simplistic tat.

#19. Paw Prints Up The Leg


I don’t know why, but whenever I see paw prints, they always get to me. True, they are used a lot, but I still find them perky and not-so-out-of-fashion.

#20. Just The Basic Lines Kitty


This has got to be the most minimalistic cat tattoo design ever, right? But isn’t it still awesome?

#21. Realistic Cat On The Finger


And lastly, I want to conclude this category with this miniature kitty tattoo, which looks just as cool as any humongous full-arm cat-themed tattoo would.

3D/Realistic Cat Tattoo Designs

So, 3D tattoos have been around for quite a while, but that doesn’t mean they’re not as cool as they once were when they first went viral.

#22. Realistic Green Aura Cat


This tattoo artist is a magician! Doesn’t this kitty look super realistic?

#23. Mural Style Wild Cat


Here’s another 3D design. I love how this feline looks like a mural, even though it’s just a tattoo and not graffiti.

#24. Cool Tiger Face


Maybe it’s the overall color scheme or just something in this big kitty’s eyes – I can’t put my finger on it, but I find something captivating in this tat.

#25. Ninja Kitty Leaving Pawprints On The Arm


Last, but not least, is another 3D tattoo with a more minimalistic approach to it. I love how the 3D katana sword acts as a bracelet and how the cat is leaving tiny paw prints behind.

Did any of these designs give you some inspiration for your new cat-related tattoo? Or do you already have some kitty-themed body ink? Why don’t you share a picture of it in the comments down below or even share the story behind it? I’d love to see it and you might just inspire someone else too.

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