Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers (And Their Cats!)

The Christmas holidays are just around the corner. If you have friends or family members who are major cat lovers, chances are you’re still looking for that perfect present.

Are you looking for a fluffy cat toy or a tutorial on how to make a handmade cat-themed decorative pillow set? Such clichéd items are boring. Cat lovers and cat owners have had it with getting cat sweaters and cat wands for Christmas. Instead, they secretly want something not only creative but also useful.

Before you start looking at treats or high-quality cat food items though, be warned – cat lovers know their feline furballs’ nutritional needs better than you do.

So, what’s the best Christmas gift for a cat lover (and their cat)?

We’ve put together a list of the 19 most appropriate, useful, and absolutely amazing presents for any cat person out there. be it a cat mom, cat dad, or even the “crazy cat lady” (Guilty as charged lol).

We’ve divided these gift ideas into two categories – presents for cat lovers and presents for their pets.

Our review process is unbiased and based on extensive research. If you buy through the links on our site, we may earn a commission.

Cat Necklace

If your target is a female cat lover, then a themed cat necklace will be to their liking.

S Leaf’s silver cat necklace is stylish and playful. The cute cat pendant and chain are made out of sterling silver and are nickel-free.

The chain has an extension of 45 cm and the pendant is 2 cm long. This product comes in a special presentation box which is already elegant enough to pass as a wrapped present.

If you’re looking for a stylish yet humorous and cute gift idea, and you’re willing to spend some extra bucks on it, then this adorable cat necklace is the perfect choice for a Christmas present.

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Cat Socks

Socks for Christmas? That’s boring!

These particular socks, however, are the exact opposite of boring. Chances are your cat-loving friend or family member is tired of getting cat-themed sweaters for Christmas. These socks are like nothing they’ve ever seen before! Warm, cute, and cozy, they are stretchy enough to fit most sizes. The fluffy ears and embroidered cat faces are flat enough to make the socks wearable even under ultra-skinny jeans.

Best of all, they are super budget-friendly and will complement your target’s sense of humor and his/ her love for feline furballs.

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Our review process is unbiased and based on extensive research. If you buy through the links on our site, we may earn a commission.

Our Cat Coloring Book!

Yes, we’ve put together an adult coloring book for all you cat lovers out there.

With 50 FULL page designs, you’re looking at literal HOURS of coloring here, which means hours of calm, stress-relieving activity to help you unwind after a hard day, with your kitty curled up near your feet. (Or on top of the coloring book, who am I kidding??)

The pages are one-sided, which means you’re not going to have your markers or pens bleed through onto the other designs.

We truly think this is one of the best cat coloring books on the market, just based on the fact that the art is incredibly clean and detailed, really unique, and of course, 50 pages is rather a lot of variety, compared to other 20-30 page books.

Get one for each of your cat-loving friends and don’t worry if you sneak one under the Christmas tree for yourself, too!

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This is the ultimate Christmas gift for the most die-hard cat lovers out there!

Suitable for up to six players and children above 8, the Cat-opoly game will set you back around $20 bucks and will provide lots of educational and entertaining hours ahead.

Instead of purchasing streets, the players purchase cat breeds and compete with six cat-themed tokens – a bottle of milk, a ball of yarn, a sardine can, an ocean fish can, a mouse, and a fish.

One of the best parts about this version of Monopoly is that each cat breed card offers interesting facts, making the game educational.

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Post-it Cat Figure

Let’s face it – every single one of us has found ourselves in need of some Post-it notes now and then.

If the recipient of your Christmas present happens to be a huge cat lover and is always using Post-it pads, then this cat figure will suit them just purr-fectly!

This cute dispenser can hold a stack of 3-inch by 3-inch Post-it notes, and the cat’s back paws offer a great solution for one-hand dispensing when you’re in a hurry and have your hands full.

The package includes the cat figure, which is made out of solid white ABS plastic, as well as a pad of 3-inch by 3-inch notes in poppy, limeade, and neon orange colors ready to be placed inside the dispenser.

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Hidden Cat Mug

Cat mugs are cliché and you shouldn’t even be looking at such gift ideas, right? Wrong!

If there’s a single cat mug out there that’s worth it, then this is the one.

Made entirely of dolomite, this mug features a tiny kitty hiding on the bottom of the mug – similar to real-life felines, who adore hiding in the weirdest places.

There’s also a cute Meow script decorating the mug’s outside.

The cup can hold up to 17 ounces of liquid and is totally dishwasher safe.

With its artsy design and surprise kitty, this particular gift idea will be cherished by any cat lover out there, regardless of their preference towards drinking tea or coffee.

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Cat Shirts

So I just checked on Amazon and there are a TON of amazing cat shirts, and I may or may not have just ordered 3 for myself. Merry early Christmas, Self!

Whether you’re looking for a cute shirt, a silly shirt, a ridiculous shirt, or a hoodie with ears, you can’t go wrong gifting one of these bad boys.

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Cat Shaped Tea Infusers

Love tea? Love cats? Love cats and tea? Then you can’t go wrong with these adorable cat-shaped tea infusers!

There’s nothing better during cold winter months than curling up under a cozy blanket with a purring feline in your lap or on your feet. Nothing better unless you add this beautiful Christmas gift.

Made of Food Grade, Non-Toxic silicone which is FDA Approved and BPA Free, these tea infuser adds hilarious cat fun to any brew. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better stocking stuffer than this little gem. It’s a steal, considering you get 2 of them!

PS: It goes great with the cat mug we mentioned above!

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Hilarious Cat Earrings

OK, so I had another pair on this list that is no longer for sale, and when I went looking for another pair, I couldn’t help but include these instead…they’re just so darn cute!!

It looks like a sweet kitty has jumped through your earring hole and is hanging there…dangling tail and all!

These are perfect for anyone who likes a little flair in their outfit, but can’t manage to wear a shirt with a kitty on it thanks to strict (boring) work rules.

They also come in a second style, without a dangling tail, in case the person you’re gifting these to doesn’t like anything but stud-style earrings.

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Brainwright Cat STAX, The Perfect Puzzle

Choose your challenge card and the fun begins! The goal of this puzzle game is to herd all your felines into place. It begins relatively easy, but as the cards get harder, the Cat Stax get higher.

Yes—this puzzle is in 3D, ladies, and gents!

Lest you think this is only for kids, think again. Adults and kids alike will spend happy hours solving these devious puzzles, puzzles sometimes so confounding that they remind you of your own feline’s mischievous mind.

Your cat may even wander over to try and participate!

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Gifts For Cats

LitterRobot Automatic Litter Box

The gift that keeps on giving!

The KitnipBox is a monthly subscription service that sends you an amazing “goody bag” every month.

They contain amazing toys, treats, and other healthy cat products every month to surprise and delight your kitty.

Oh, and since it’s a box, you always get an additional toy for free (my cat seems to like the box just as much as the other stuff that comes inside the box, haha).

For a single-cat household,

it’s only $19.99/month, which is awesome for an always-fresh supply of toys and treats.

You can give a gift of 1, 3, 6, or 12 months of KitNipBox easily from their Gift page.

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Bergan Turbo Scratcher

Bergan Turboscratcher Cat Toy

I have yet to meet a cat who didn’t love this thing.

Part scratcher, part toy, your kitty will come back to this over and over again.

Great for the inherent hunter your cat truly is, it allows him to chase and whack the ball around the track, while also allowing him to take breaks to get out his deep-seated desire to scratch things.

It’s a great value, usually for under ten bucks, and provides hours and hours of entertainment (and helps to stop him from using your couch as a scratching pole!).

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Christmas Inspired Cat Toys

Your tree is set up.

Your lights are twinkling.

The kitchen smells of gingerbread and other delicious goodies.

So why not get your cat into the spirit of things with his Christmas-themed toys to complete the holiday spirit?

From a wand with a present at the end (perfect for you guys to spend quality time together) to a gingerbread shaped cat scratcher, you’ll love the way these fun toys add to the Christmas cheer.

Our favorites are the wand, the KONG “Wild Tails” toy, and the catnip stocking!

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Yeowww! Organic Catnip

Don’t you love getting tasty goodies in your stocking?

Christmas is the best time of year for letting your sweet tooth run a little wild.

Why not treat your cat to a little organic catnip so that he can go a little crazy while you have just one more of those mouth-watering chocolates you found in your stocking?

Yeowww catnip is organic and made in the USA.

It’s incredibly popular, and you can get a 2 oz tub for only $6 from Chewy.

Get your kitty in on the action!

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Deshedding Glove

Deshedding Glove

This is a fantastic present for the cat AND the cat lover on your list.

Not only will your cat love the massage you’ll give while petting her with it, but it’s something that the cat parent can do to enhance the bond between kitty and kitty-parent.

Oh, and it’s a great way to reduce the amount of cat hair left around your house!

The last thing you want to be doing around the holidays is cleaning even more than you already need to.

This grooming glove has a soft rubber palm that will gently massage your cat while picking up all of the loose hairs.

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Holiday Collar or Santa Harness

For the perfect early gift, why not treat your cat to her version of an ugly Christmas sweater?

Choose either a fun, festive collar (comes in both blue and red in a 2-pack), or a Santa Harness, which makes it look like she’s wearing a red coat just like Saint Nick!

OK, so they’re much better than ugly Christmas sweaters for humans since they’re so darn cute.

Don’t make kitty jealous of your holiday attire! Get these today in time for the holiday season!

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