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First Aid For Cats: What To Do If Your Kitty Gets Hurt

Regardless of the popular saying that cats have nine lives, feline furballs of any size, age and breed can get injured fairly easy. And while no pet parent out there wants to witness they beloved kitty suffering, it’s better to be prepared just in case something happens. Younger kittens and senior cats are just as […]

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Cat Eye Care: What You Should Know

Nobody wants to have a kitty with impaired vision and to watch as their feline furball goes through life with ocular problems. Unfortunately, cats are just as prone to suffering from eye problems as we, humans, are. Feline creatures do not see the world the way we do, but that doesn’t mean their vision is […]

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Digestive System Disorders In Cats And Their Solutions

A cat’s stomach is quite different from the human’s one. It doesn’t process food, bacteria and foreign bodies the way our stomachs would. Indigestion is a common problem for many feline furballs out there and even the healthiest kitty can suffer from it. High quality cat food doesn’t guarantee that your own pet won’t experience […]

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Melatonin For Cats

Melatonin is an over-the-counter all-natural supplement, which you can buy at your local drug store without any special prescriptions. Pet parents from all over the world are using it for themselves, for their dogs and for their felines. So it must be safe, right? Well, the answer actually depends on a lot of factors, including […]

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Pain Relief For Cats

Cats can’t really speak, at least not our language. And that can be extremely frustrating because when your kitty is in pain it can’t tell you which part of its body is hurting. Felines can communicate through hissing, meowing, chirping and various other sounds. Unfortunately, neither of them can give you a clear identification of […]

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Is Cat Urine Dangerous?

There are tons of advantages when it comes to keeping your feline pet strictly indoors. The outdoors pose dangers of parasites, homeless feral cats, diseases, dirt, risks of running away….the list goes on and on. Not only are indoor cats less likely to contract fleas or other types of diseases, but they are generally safer […]

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How To Tell If Your Cat Is Pregnant?

Kittens are a joy for kids, adults and elderly people alike. Nobody can argue with that. Those super cute fluffy furballs are an undeniable pleasure to be around even if you’re only looking at them from afar! Cats are viviparous creatures and they can have kittens several times on annual basis. Unless they are spayed, […]

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Home Remedies For Blood In Cat Urine

Cats can be just as vulnerable and susceptible to various diseases as human babies. Even if you’re the proud owner of an overall healthy feline breed, your cat can still develop health issues. And one of the most alarming types of health concerns in cats is the variety of issues regarding the urinary tract. Too […]

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