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How To Eliminate Cat Odor

Taking after a feline furball doesn’t come without challenges. As whimsical and mischievous as cats can be, you will find yourself in all sorts of troubles. And one of the most common challenges with which cat owners are faced is the problem with eliminating the cat odor. The so-called cat odor sinks into your furniture, […]

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Help! My Cat Smells Like Poop!

You just realized your cat has this nasty, particularly unflattering odor that happens to smell a lot like poop. Now what? Why does your pet smell like poop? What’s causing it? How to get rid of the stench? By default cats are probably the cleanest animals of all domesticated pets out there. Their personal hygiene […]

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How To Brush Your Cat’s Teeth

Unpleasant breath is common for most cats due to the various bacteria residing in every living organism’s mouth and the food items, which you’re serving to your cat. But if your kitty’s breath is rather nasty and sickening, you should definitely take precautions. Cats are prone to developing various dental problems, including tooth decay and […]

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How To Clean and Control Cat Hair

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably up to your nose in cat hair. Chances are it’s going to get worse if you don’t start controlling your kitty’s fur shedding. It’s getting all over your clothes, it’s getting all over your furniture, and it’s basically everywhere you turn. And you need to learn how to […]

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Tips for Getting the Best Vacuum for Cat Hair

If you are a cat owner, then you have cat hair. It’s unavoidable…kind of like taxes, and death. Cat hair gets into corners, burrows down into carpet fibers, and sticks to the upholstery on your furniture. No matter whether you live with a short haired Mau or fluffy Persian, their hair is managing to get […]

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