Best Cat Feeders Reviewed (The Automatic Ones Are Brilliant!)

Cat owners around the world are faced with the problems of finicky felines and overweight kitties.

Cat feeders offer a solution to both of these problems. Cat feeders help regulate cats eating habits.

Learn what kind of feeder your cat needs and how to find the best feeder on the market to help your cat maintain her perfect weight.

How To Find The Best Cat Feeder

There are several things to consider when looking for a cat feeder. Feeders help regulate diets of overweight cats and they encourage finicky eaters to eat more food.

Automatic feeders provide you with an easy solution to feeding schedule dilemmas. Determine which problem your cat needs addressed.

Cats on a diet benefit from a few small meals a day. A timed cat feeder is a good option for these piggy kitties.

On the other end of the spectrum are the finicky eaters.

Cats like their food fresh. Automatic feeders dispense fresh kibbles over the course of the day to keep your pet’s appetite piqued.

Interactive cat feeders entertain the hunter in your cat. They also help slow down cats that eat too fast.

The amount of food your cat eats each day is another consideration. Different feeders have different storage capacities. Choose a feeder that stores the appropriate amount of food.

Read up on the amount of food each feeder dispenses. Find out if it is adjustable or if it provides a fixed portion. Don’t buy a feeder that dispenses food by the cup if your cat only needs a quarter cup a day.

The type of food you feed your cat determines the type of feeder your cat needs. Wet food dispensers differ drastically from dry food dispensers. Attempting to dispense wet food in a dry food dispenser results in an unpleasant mess and a hungry kitty.

The size of your kibble is also important. Some feeders work best with smaller kibble. Others claim to accommodate kibble of all sizes. Find a feeder that works for the food advised by your veterinarian. You do not need to change your cat’s food just to fit her new feeder.

Cats that can open food storage containers need solid feeders, and sturdier feeders tend to be more expensive.

However, a sturdy feeder is worth the cost if your cat breaks into the cheaper options and gobbles up all the kibble – I mean really, what’s the point of buying the cheap one, having your cat ruin it and eat all the food, and then you have to go out and buy a better one anyway?

Read other customer reviews to see what other cat owners say about the feeder. Many reviewers share personal experiences about their cats’ ability to break into food containers and offer advice. We can review and research and test here ourselves, but the more data on a subject, the happier we are!

Top 3 “Normal” Cat Feeders

Normal cat feeders are a good place to start. Try a normal cat feeder before investing in an automatic feeder to see if this solves your cat’s problems.

There are two types of normal cat feeders: dishes and bowls

Not too exciting, huh?

Important stuff though, trust us. Here are a couple of intricacies that you may not have thought about when it comes to these basic forms of feeders.

Cats rely on their whiskers to navigate. A deep bowl with high sides squishes their whiskers. This is uncomfortable for cats.

Not only are their whiskers compromised, but they cannot sense what is happening around them. Bowls with high sides also block their vision.

This is why many cats circle their food bowls discontentedly during dinner time. They do not feel like they are in a safe position to eat.

Purchase a wide, shallow dish instead of a deep bowl to allow her whiskers room to spread.

Here are three dishes that are safe for your cat and received top ratings from cat lovers like you.

1. OurPets Durapet Bowl Cat Dish

A good quality cat dish that leaves plenty of room for your furry friend’s whiskers.

The rubber rings on the bottom prevent slipping. This makes it easier for your cat to enjoy her dinner and prevents the dish from making noise as it scrapes across your floor.

The stainless steel design is long-lasting and easy to clean. You can even put it in the dishwasher.

It comes in three sizes: 8 ounces, 12 ounces and 16 ounces.



2. Petrageous Stoneware Pet Bowls

Offer a stylish dining dish for your cat. The dish is shallow and comes with a charming cat design.

The ceramic adds a little bit of class to your kitty corner, but remember – ceramic dishes are breakable, so think about your cats disposition and calmness before purchasing. This dish is great for a quiet household.

It is crafted to FDA standards and is dishwasher and microwave safe, unlike stainless steel.



3. Northmate Interactive Slow Pet Feeder

This turns feeding time into a stimulating game.

The engaging surface area forces hasty eaters to slow down and capture each kibble.

Cats who have jaded views about dinner find interactive feeders more enticing than the empty challenge of a food bowl.

We liked this particular feeder because it is affordable and dishwasher safe. It is designed for use with dry food.



What Is An Automatic Cat Feeder?

An automatic pet feeder dispenses food automatically.

Simple automatic feeders rely on gravity to refill the bowl. They dispense fresh food whenever the bowl is empty. This makes them an excellent and affordable choice for pets with ordinary appetites and for picky eaters.

Cats prefer fresh food. Automatic feeders provide fresh kibble as soon as the old is gone. Automatic feeders are the perfect solution for cat owners who work irregular hours or who frequently travel. These feeders keep your cat on a consistent meal schedule.

Automatic feeders with timers are more expensive than their less regulated counterparts.

A timed cat feeder is perfect for cats on a diet. You can program them to deliver a small meal several times a day at the time of your choosing.

Most allow you to program the size of the meal as well to help get your cat back in shape.

Overweight cats are prone to more health problems than their fit counterparts.

Diabetes, heart problems and joint problems are just a few of the complications extra weight can add to your cat’s health. An automatic cat feeder combined with a diet cat food prescribed by your veterinarian is the best course of action for protecting your pet.

Top 3 Automatic Cat Feeders

1. Petmate Pet Cafe Feeder

This is an affordable, durable automatic feeder that holds six pounds of dry kibble and works best with smaller kibble.

The feeder’s construction makes it simple to clean and refill, and it is made from safe and environmentally friendly material.

Here’s a bonus for the decorative bunch amongst our readers: you can choose between several colors. Hurray!

The Petmate Pet Cafe Feeder is one of Amazon’s best selling pet products. Like, ever. There are plenty of helpful reviews to help you decide if this feeder is right for you, and we’re pretty sure they’ll just convince you to go with our suggestion here. 



2. Pet Feedster Automated Pet Feeder

is on the pricier end of automatic feeders, but for good reason. The price is worth it.

The feeder comes with a one year limited warranty and is the perfect solution for cats struggling with weight loss or with special dietary needs.

The feeder is jam proof and ant proof, protecting your pet from hunger and keeping insects out. You can feed as little as one teaspoon or as much as six cups per serving.

It allows you to program up to five meals per day.

The Feedster comes with a battery back up so that your pets won’t go hungry if there is a power outage in your absence – talk about going the extra mile to make an awesome product.

It even saves your settings.

Kibble size is not an issue with this machine, so it should work on any size or shape of kibble.

The Feedster is durable and should prevent even the cleverest of cat burglars from breaking in. Awesome feeder.



3. PetSafe Electronic Pet Feeder

A good solution for cats who eat dry and wet food.

You can choose between two and five meal models. Both are constructed of durable, sanitary material.

The five meal model has five one cup containers with a secure latching lid (whereas the two meal has two…duh).

The trays are dishwasher safe. This feeder is battery operated with an easy-to-set digital timer to control when your kitty gets her chow.



How To Choose The Best Automatic Cat Feeder

Automatic feeders can be pricey. Make sure you get your money’s worth by researching the feeder you like (just like you are right now. Good work! Now pick one of our top 3 recommended ones above!).

Check out other customer reviews to see what worked for them and what didn’t. Some feeders work best with kibble of a certain size.

You don’t need to switch your cat’s diet. Instead find a feeder that accommodates her existing food.  

A warranty is comforting when investing in a product like an automatic cat feeder. Check out the manufacturer’s return policy too.

And again…you’re here for a reason! Pick one of our recommended products and quit messing around with the billions of products on the market. We only recommend the best.

Healthy Cats Lead Happy Lives

Healthy cats live longer, happier lives. Weight gain leads to health problems like diabetes and joint problems. Underweight cats may suffer from a serious medical condition. Consult your vet if your new feeder fails to help your cat gain weight.

Having the right feeder makes a big difference in your cat’s eating habits. Automatic feeders help your cat whether she eats too much or too little. Consult your veterinarian for advice on proper feline nutrition and the best food for weight maintenance.

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