The Best Litter Mats For Cats

If you’re reading this, chances are you have a cat. There comes a time when it needs to go. And you as a pet parent need the best possible item for your kitty’s waste.

When nature calls, the cat doesn’t really understand the fact that it’s bad when it’s doing its business outside the litter box. Moreover, many cats don’t even bother using the litter box either because it’s not clean enough or because they don’t see it as appealing enough.

Furthermore, litter granules and crystals often get scattered around the litter box’s tray. Felines have an inborn instinct of burying their waste, so they sometimes shovel some of the litter outside the tray. Automatic self-cleaning litter boxes are life-changers, but they aren’t for everybody’s taste or pocket. Besides, they can’t guarantee that your pet won’t spill some of the granules.

So, if you don’t want to deal with scattered granules all over the floor, what’s left out there? The answer is simple – litter mats!

Litter mats not only protect your floors from scattered bits and pieces, but they also absorb the unpleasant scent of the dangerous cat urine and feces so that they won’t soak into the floor. Think of them as a tablecloth-like piece of furniture. They catch the spilled litter and help keep your flooring clean and scentless.

The best litter mats for cats

What makes a good litter mat great? The best ones are not only affordable, but also durable and efficient. There are countless pet supply manufacturers on the market these days and there’s a high chance that you’ll get cheated into buying an overpriced good-for-nothing item.

Fortunately, we’ve done the proper research for you. So, without further ado, here are the best litter mats for your feline furball.

Easyology mat

Easyology specializes in cat-related furniture, toys and cleaning supplies. This manufacturer offers a plethora of high quality products and their premium XL cat litter mat is currently a best-seller on Amazon for all the right reasons.

This product’s popularity is not all smoke and mirrors.

Easyology’s XL size mat covers 35-inch by 23-inch area, making it ideal for multi-cat households, large cat breeds or even two separate litter trays. The vast surface not only catches scatters, but also makes sure that no waste stuck to your kitty’s paws will end up on your floor.

Unlike the typical rubber mat in your local pet shop, this product is made out of high quality material. The durable PVC plastic is long-lasting and efficient, as well as easy to clean up. You can either vacuum it or rinse it with water.

Unfortunately, it’s too sturdy and unpliable to be cleaned in the washing machine. Nevertheless, the efficient litter-trapping relief, the neutral color schemes and the elegant patterns make it not only reliable, but also suitable to match any home décor style.

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iPrimio mat

The iPrimio litter mat for cats traps litter like no other mat out there!

It consists of a double layered plastic surface with an open-edge design. The upper layer is soft and gentle to your precious furball’s paws, and it’s filled with large holes. The scattered litter falls through the holes into the second layer where it gets trapped instead of spilling all over your floor.

Durable, light-weight and designed in the ever classy black color, this litter mat is definitely unique on its own. While it may be expensive for some pet parents, it’s definitely a trustworthy must-have item. It traps unpleasant odors and nasty scattered bits, massages your pet’s paws and prevents the cat from scratching it due to the rubbery design of the plastic material.

The open-edge design makes it easy to clean and it has a substantial 30-inch by 23-inch cover area. If you can spend a few extra bucks on a high quality mat, this one is an outstanding choice.

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Pawkin mat

Last, but not least, comes the Pawkin litter mat.

With its thick litter trapping mesh and the special non-slip backing this particular mat is ideal for young kittens or excessively active and playful-turned-messy cats. Your kitty won’t be able to bend it, slip it out of place or get any litter scattered past it.

The large coverage area and the thick litter-trapping mesh are two of the best features this mat has to offer.

The brand prides itself on being 100% pet and human safe as it lacks any phthalates and other similar toxins that may pose danger to you or your furry pal.

One downside to it is that while it’s ultra-efficient for trapping scatters, the cleaning is a bit trickier than with most other litter mats due to the close-meshed net. However, when it comes to keeping your floors clean, this one is a life-saver!

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Regardless of whichever mat you decide to choose, don’t ever opt for the soft fabrics at your local pet store just because you’re on a tight budget. A proper litter mat maintains your, your home’s and your pet’s hygiene.

It prevents the cat from spilling waste all over the place and from carrying it on its paws. Moreover, it also prevents the cat from doing its business outside the litter box just because the lack of a litter mat made your flooring smell like cat urine. Choose a high-quality, durable product that meets your and your kitty’s needs.

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