The Best Cat Doors And Flaps

Cats are capricious and often do whatever and whenever they want. One of the best ways to set some ground rules and in the same time to allow your furball some freedom is to get cat doors or flaps for your house or apartment.

Cat doors aren’t just meant to keep a kitty inside or out. They are well-suited for strictly indoor cats, as well as for those allowed to roam everywhere.

When installed on interior doors only, they are ideal for offering greater access to your pet regardless of closed doors. One of the best applications of these flaps is to make sure your feline pal has constant access to its litter box even when it’s located in another room. This way you won’t have to install feeding, water and “toilet” stations for the cat in every single room.

Another useful application of interior cat doors is when you have a household full of pets, such as numerous cats or even a cat and a dog, and you want to restrict their access. Cat doors with locking options are the best ones in such cases.

When it comes to doors and flaps designed for your entrance doorway, these types are best suited for pets that are allowed to go inside and outside. Felines need to explore and unless you’re taking your cat for a walk on a leash, allowing it to roam your yard isn’t such a bad idea.

Of course, it’s also not the smartest one either. It can wander off, contract fleas or other pests and diseases. Moreover, it could bring stray feral cats indoors when it’s coming back home. In this particular case electromagnetic cat doors can be a life-saving experience.

The best cat doors and flaps

There are numerous manufacturers of pet doors these days. Fortunately, we’ve done the research for you and we’ve weighed out the best options on the market. Here’s our list of the best cat doors and flaps out there.

Ideal Pet Products flap door

Affordable, easy to install and available in various sizes – these are just three of the multiple advantages of this flap door.

The clear vinyl flap panel and its magnetic closing mechanism, ensuring a perfect closure, is what makes this door preferred by tons of feline owners next to so many other similar items. It’s ideal for an entrance door and suitable for each season. With its impact-resistant ABS frame this sturdy cat door is a great option for any feline breed.

The smallest available size is for tiny furballs, whereas the largest one will easily fit notoriously big kitties like the Maine Coon.

Unlike the typical flap door, this one comes with a durable lock-out slide, which you can use whenever you need to restrict your furry pal’s outdoor adventures. And lastly, the transparent vinyl flap will easily help the kitty see what’s on the other side of the door.

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Cat Mate electromagnetic door

We mentioned electromagnetic cat doors earlier and this is the best one you’ll ever find on the market. Compared to regular cat doors and flaps Cat Mate’s one is a bit expensive, but for justified reasons.

So, how does it work? It allows in and out access only for the animal wearing a special collar magnet. The magnet is included in the package and it does wonders for your family, your home and your pet’s safety as it’s keeping all stray pets outdoors.

When cats are in heat or making friends they can sometimes bring along other animals, regardless of their otherwise territorial behavior.

An electromagnetic door keeps all unwelcome guests out of your reach. It also keeps your own pet strictly indoors as long as it’s locked or if you’ve simply removed the collar magnet from your kitty. Reliable, durable and steady, this door offers comfort and peace of mind like no other.

It has a four way locking system and the mechanism is silent enough to not bother you or your cat. What’s more, it can also easily fit into an interior door depending on where you need to allow or restrict feline access.

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Kitty Pass interior passage

Unlike the other flap doors, Kitty Pass is actually a passageway designed for interior doors only.

One of the best features of this passageway is the fact that your pet’s tail will never get accidentally caught up and squeezed between the flap and the frame. On top of that, the kitty will be able to easily see what’s on the other side of the door.

The cute frame is double-sided depending on which way you want the passage to be facing. The front comes with pointed ears, whereas the back has a curved tail facing upwards.

It’s designed to fit any breed’s size and it’s suitable for felines weighing up to 21lbs. The clean, polished design will match any home décor style and the passage is easier to install than standard pet doors. Moreover, it’s extremely adorable and comes with a handy cutting template.

The only disadvantage of this passage is the fact that you can use it only to allow access, without the option of restricting your cat from passing through it.

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PetSafe 2 way locking interior flap door

While PetSafe offers a plethora of cat doors and flaps, this particular one is their best option for interior doors.

It has a durable plastic frame with a 2 way slide locking option for the flap installation. The flap itself is suitable for pets under 15lbs.

What makes this flap great is the fact that it’s absolutely affordable even for those pet parents who are on an extremely tight budget, but still wish to get a high quality product. Furthermore, it can be easily installed in interior doors, as well as in cabinet doors depending on where you wish to extend your kitty’s access.

It’s also suitable for people residing with felines and canines. It can keep larger dog breeds at bay while allowing the kitty to move around freely.

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Before you get a cat door or flap for your precious feline furball, check the thickness of your doors, as well as the opening size of the door itself. You need to make sure the product will suit your home and your feline pal’s size.  After all, you don’t want to compromise its free movements.

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